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Nutritive Food for 6,79,00,000 People of Tamil Nadu, India

43% of Children suffer malnutrition due to lack of nutritive food

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

VOICE TRUST( Voice for the Oppressed through Integrated Community Emancipation)

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small NGO (under 50 employees)

Website of Legally Registered Entity

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 10+ years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

VOICE Trust is situated at the center of the State of Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli -620005

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?


Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Tamil Nadu is spread out in 1,30,060 Kilometer area. Total Population is 6,79,00,000 with women-men ration being 51:49 Children bare 22%

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

TOT Programs of VOICE Team visits all the areas to further Eco Farming 21% of agricultural lands have been sold in the past 7 years for non-agricultural purposes. Main reasons are increase in cost of production, decrease in yield and economic returns, non availability if workers, preference for cash crops, increasing ill-health among the entire population and especially the alarming levels of malnutrition among Children and also other. VOICE Trust is connected with 150 Groups(4 Groups in each of the 37 districts in the State of Tamil Nadu and 2 Groups in Pondicherry and Karaikal in the Union Territory of Pudhucherry). In spite of not having funding supports, the IVI Network survived in the past 18 years.

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

3. VOICE Trust, a non-profit social service organization registered in 1915 under the Indian Trust Act. From 1995 involving in integrated farming dor poison-free food, pollution free environment and poverty-free society. In the recently published data on hunger and malnutrition, India ranks 103 out of 119 Countries. Over two thirds of the population is suffering anemic ailments. VOICE Trust organized 2 months residential TOT(Training of Trainers) in Integrated Farming Systems for Sustainable Livelihood from 1999. By 2004, totally 105 persons from allover the State of Tamil Nadu were trained. IVI(Integrated Velaan Inaiyam)- a forum for Eco Farming was founded on 02.02.2000. VOICE Trust is coordinating the IVI Network with 150 Groups in 37 Districts of the State of Tamil Nadu and also Pondicherry and Karaikal region of the Union Territory of Puducherry More than one third are unemployed. Another one third is underemployed. 17% are employed in government services. 18% are in private companies and trade enterprises. Over two thirds are either unemployed or underemployed. Malnutrition is gripping the population heavily. Preference is for cash crops in the place of food crops including paddy(Rice is the staple food).

What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

7. Environment is getting more polluted because of the spray of pesticides. Soil fertility is getting degraded because of the application of fertilizers Dietary habits are fast changing with preference for more tasty food in the place of nutritive diet. VOICE Trust has started Multigrain Mix with 18 pulses and millets and Children, young and old find it more healthy such nutritive diets will be promoted. Economics in agriculture is the factor worry. Because, farmers are not getting good incomes. That is why, cultivation of food crops, pulses and millets will involve lesser expenditure but more incomes besides nutritional enhancement for the population. VOICE Trust has taken 1:2.16 as return on investment to prove that agriculture can be economically viable. Culturewise, agriculture is in our blood. But, the young people are not interested. So, VOICE Trust will join Food System vision Prize to encourage 60,000 Youth to get back to agriculture as Indian Culture. Technology has to be accepted for cropping with the changing patterns in production, post harvest management and ethical marketing of agriculture produce and value added products. VOICE Team is accepting appropriate technologies for effectively in agriculture. Policy is important to revive agriculture for food crops and for nutritive food through pulses and millets. Such a policy is good not only for farmers but also for the others in society because agriculture covers all the population. Special Note: Agriculture is having the triple pivotal role which is Agriculture for Poison-free food, Pollution-free life, Poverty-free society

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

8. Challenges are many in reviving interest among youth in agriculture and agrobased enterprises. New technologies have to be included to invite youth to get involved in agriculture. Better present and best future especially with economic sustainability have to be ensured in agriculture. Youth Groups have to be established as Agriculture Associations for starting to work along with family members and the elders. First question youth will ask whether there will be future for them through agriculture. VOICE Team will consider this question as the biggest challenge and will facilitate ways and means to get agriculture established as the better present and as the best future for youth Value addition to agriculture produce has to be done scientifically using the modern day technology. Investment of money will be another challenge. IVI Network, will work with Government, Financial Institutions and other stakeholders to work for economically viable interventions to revive agriculture as the better prospect for the present and future

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

9. Each of the 150 IVI Groups will be entrusted with organization of 400 youth in one location to involve in agriculture One District will have 4 IVI Groups. So, it will be 148 IVI Group in 37 Districts of the State of Tamil Nadu. 2 IVI Groups will work in Pudhucherry and Karaikal regions of the Union Territory of Pudhucherry Startup supports of INR 70,000/- (around $1000) will be given to one IVI Group for organizing 400 unemployed youth to learn agricultural technologies for achieving nutritive food for the malnourished children and others in society IVI Group will start self reliance schemes for continuing the good works started under Food System Vision Prize VOICE Trust will send to Food System Vision Prize amounts to 150 IVI Groups to their Bank Accounts as partners with you and VOICE Trust for reviving agriculture for healthy food and goodness in life. VOICE Trust will send Annual Reports about how Food System Vision Prize has brought in Food security in locations of State of Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Pudhucherry

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

10. Preparation of nutritive diet of various types like 1. Atkins diet 2. The Zone diet 3. Ketogenic diet 4. Vegetarian diet 5. Vegan diet 6. Weight Watchers diet 7. South Beach diet 8. Raw food diet 9. Mediterranean diet Will be encouraged by 150 IVI Groups For achieving this, they have to continue agriculture with organic manures and biological pest controls so that there is no chemical toxins in the food crops cultivated Ecological Agriculture practices will be encouraged for following by 60000 farmers in all the 37 Districts of the State of Tamil Nadu and the union Territory of Pudhucherry VOICE Trust will be the coordinating organization for implementing the activities under Food System Vision Prize Linkages with Government and Financial Institutions will be facilitated by VOICE Trust for effective follow-up activities by 150 IVI Groups rejuvenated by Food System Vision Prize

How did you hear about the Food System Vision Prize?

  • Website


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