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VERTI3D SPACE SuperFOOD Hubs @ONE Million ecoKAMPONG (ecoK) Worldwide

SUSTAINABILITY FEEDING THE WORLD with LESS CO2/GHG, maximizing yields, saving resources, & mitigating climate change in Soil LESS symbiosis

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

SuperORGANICS Global Healthi Resort SB. Startup with innovative bioengineering system for AgriFOOD + ecoTOURISM in a Circular bioEconomy

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small company (under 50 employees)

If part of a multi-stakeholder entity (i.e. team), provide the names of other organizations and types of stakeholders collaborating with you.

Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia will provides 1-Land & Support Infrastructure 2-Provision of Expertise for *GAP-Good Agriculture Practices *Organic Procuce-System Certification *Soft Loans & Tax Incentives *Approved Permits for IMPORTATION of Quality Seeds-Animals *Expertise for Ag Technology under MARDI Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute *Malaysia Universities

Website of Legally Registered Entity


How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 10+ years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

WEST MALAYSIA, ASIA The initial epicentre will be Kluang Johore

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?


Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

KLUANG covers an area of 3,000 km^2. It was an British Army HQ Town before 1957.

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

Malaysia, an Asian country comprises WEST Malaysia and part of the island of Borneo named Sarawak and Sabah. Total Land area 330,803 km^2

MALAYSIA,  is where our CTO-President Mr Giok P CHUA extended BoP family lives.

Growing up, living below EXTREME poverty with a family of 10 during his youth, in a KAMPONG (Village ) in off grid Kuala Terengganu Malaya then.

The Big Family survived on backyard farming on supplementary chicken/ducks feeding on algae & duckweeds, planted vegetables-roots crop and rice for nutrients with a small blacksmith workshop and home laundry services

Giok has lived and work in London Singapore San Fransico, Melbourne and has travel globally

Giok is a Green Productivity Expert with Asian Productivity Organisation and Japan Productive Organisation teaching programs in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Business in  Asia Pacific Regions per the 2 institutions schedules. He was a Singapore-Japan Productivity Scholar for Japan Manufacturing System & Management Consultancy

He is currently UN Impact Consultant for Environment, Green Mark(LEEDS) Building Consultant, Food/HACCP Consultant, BioDIVERSITY Consultant and many other specialities

He also teaches on MBA Negotiation Module

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

Kluang is a town in Kluang District,lies in an area of undulating hills, Johor, Malaysia. Kluang was founded in 1915 as the administrative capital of central Johor by the British. The main railway line linking north to south Malaya then was built passing through Kluang and this helped in its economic growth then During World War II, the town of Kluang was occupied by Japanese forces advancing southwards as it was abandoned by Allied forces withdrawing towards Singapore. General Yamashita moved his headquarters forward from Kuala Lumpur to Kluang in 1942. Kluang was used to launch air attacks on targets ranging from Singapore to Sumatra. Kluang is landlocked and has no seafront. 2 River runs through the centre of the town and has low hilly terrains ideal for rubber and oil plantation.

The weather is Hot up to 35C at peak and cools nights at 27C. THe raining seasons is Nov-Feb where it just rain and rain whole day. From Feb to end October it is sizzling hot with ocaasional daily afternoon rains. With global warming, drought do occurs regularly. 

 The town centre has tripled in size in terms of the number due to conversion of rubber/oil palm re-developed into housing estates.Kluang's economy is very slowly transition towards industrial,such as KImberly Clark, USA making Diapers but unable to match China juggernut

 The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural with a population 31.5 Million, about half the population is ethnically Malay, with large minorities of Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians, and indigenous peoples. Due to declining global primary produce such as Oil Palm, Rubber prices, 55% of its people lives below Poverty Line Kluang current population is shrinking from 300,000 due to migration to Big Cities of Kuala Lumpur, Penang where there is economic opportunities. The single-minded policy of focusing on palm oil since 1970,s has caused the country to neglect other AgriFOOD

Kluang’s villages are mostly inhabited by the elderly and pre-school children whose parents have left to work elsewhere in major towns-cities or Singapore . As the traditional race based social structure of villages has dissolved, ancestral KAMPONG and its buildings are becoming dilapidated – if not abandoned with high poverty incidence of 55%. As a hilly area, the soil is not fertile, thus will grass grows and dried up during periods of droughts

Question:- How MIGHT we provides Malaysia growing population especially starting from the epicenter of Kluang with higher quality of life with livable social home in communities, enriching foods, well paying jobs to over the B40 ( The B40 median household income is USD$600 per month) line, easy access to learning and qualifications, affordable medical care etc in a human-centered designed digital ecoKAMPONG to Hippocrates Wisdom:- "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” to SUSTAINABILITY FEEDING THE WORLD with LESS CO2/GHG, maximizing yields, saving natural resources, and mitigating climate change ?

What is the approximate size of your Place, in square kilometers? (New question, not required)


What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

YEAR 2020


Malaysia's food imports in 2017 is about USD$18 Billion.We imported Billion worth of rice, chilli, vegetables coconuts, mangoes, and even bananas etc. All these can be planted-produced in tropical Malaysia. The inability to diversify in to the agifood sector is causing higher food prices, an increasing agro-food import bill while making over 40% of population into poverty and hidden malnutrition. Due to weak infrastructure, agriculture supply chain is also inefficient, burden with more than 50% wastages due to poor logistic , cold chain and storage, exorbitant lending rates and poor insurance coverage. 

In 1970's due to great demands for Palm Oil, the govt allows deforestation on massive scale to make Malaysia the biggest producer. This causes underinvestment in the food sector’s underperformance in agrifood research, small scale farming technology, poor farmers school, low agro-entrepreneurship, environment degration from chemical uses and runoffs, overuse of depleting resources, zero knowledge on causes of climate change,and weak rural developments

At Kluang, vegetables or rice farmers are dependent on rain to farm. No water No crops. No money No fertilizers..BUT has good sunshine for 8-10 hrs daily

The Govt did not provides any incentives for automation, power-water supply and farm equipments investments


Kluang is multi-ethnics-cultural comprisng Indian-Malay-Chinese-Natives traditional knowledge on cultural + food which is spicy frangrant, tasty and delicious. Malay is the medium of communication. English is 2nd Language

Majority local diet is rice, vegetables, meat/fish and spices curry. But with cost of living, meat/fish is now a luxury

Kluang people loves Tasty Spicy Food. This is an advantage for KLUANG to be the future centre for Tasty Spicy Gourmet Food HUB


Malaysia agriculture is mostly rainfed, open field, zero automation,low use of cold chain or digital marketing ePlatform. Every farmer is planting the same crops for the local market which is not profitable. Bad transport Infrastructure from rural areas to towns-cities adds to the poor pricing and waste. Most farms are off grid.

Outdoor & Indoor Vertical Farming or Green House is non existence



Malaysia can be the NETHERLAND of ASIA if it implement AgriFOOD 4.0  to produce Organic/Non Organic  via Farming as a SERVICE ( FaaS) with Digital BlockChain using Verti3D SPACE Farming with control bioSPHEREs and IoT Automation that can  have major impact on economic wellness of Malaysia by 2030 and beyong


The growing of food MUST BE revolutionised with technology that SAVES resources yet gives maximium biofortified nutrient dense yield with MORE multi cropping, perennials etc. 

Lab culturing of plants, meats, proteins, enzymes, flavours, fragrance and many other. Outdoor & Indoor Vertical Farming or Green House is also necessary for quality harvest

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

The proposed VISION will be managed by hcd community:- ecoKAMPONG ( ecoK) Social Enterprise. One community at a time powered by MARGINALISED poor-aged-single family--unemployed youth or abused girl/adults to be part of the SE TEAM  using Control bioSPHERES, Verti3D SPACE Maximization, Digital SMART Technologies

MISSION:- To Innovate BEST SYMBIOSIS PRACTICES Resiliency AI based SuperFood System for the Community with Farming as a Service (FaaS) to Hippocrates' Wisdom, "Let food be thy medicine” for B2B/B2C to Consumers Satisfaction 

The control Rootzone bioSPHERES can be engineered to be SOIL LESS to yield SuperFOOD naturally bioFortified Food, where the rootzone, can be temperature control for 365 days all season farming  ANYWHERE; packed with timely release micro-macro nutrients over the growing cycle with optional drip irrigation for long duration crops. With digital IoT SMART Technology, managment of water, yields, pest,volume, size etc with SMART Camera/Drones/Satellites for control. It can be use on any vertical or horizontal level structure for MORE/m2 YIELDS. The grow media does not need soil unless for speciality fungi needs. 

The control Crownzone bioSPHERES can be engineered for higher value crops, yields or quality control for enzymes or vaccines production 

The scalability Verti3D SPACE System in symbiosis with bioSPHERES can be engineered multi-level farming similar the Factory Farming for "cubic" volume throughput but design inexpensively for MORE/M2 using IoT, automation AI keeping cost low. eg WE can grow RICE outdoor say 20 Levels High getting 20MT pvs currently 1-2 MT per acre. Applicable for Indoor use too. Easier for quality control, plant management, pest control etc

The Future Lab for Micropropogation of micro-organism such as algae or cultured meat or fungi ( cordysep, mushrrom ) etc or QA will be staff by trained TEAM from eco2K  to increase agriFood productivity for manufacturing upstream/downstream

Malaysia sunny weather,plant based proteins such as moringa, algae, duckweeds, herbs, flowers for essential oils, superfoods etc can provides the ideal growing environment for quantum output and wealth creation

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

IF each local ecoKAMPONG farms market fit range of  healthy crops, plants and meats proteins with in demand services for processing, transporting, storing and selling it as Ready-2-EAT Food/Snacks/Protein Bars etc or Gourmet Cooked Food with Home Delivery THAT builds community wealths. Provision of job training or employment opportunities for low-income youth and other marginalised residents.

OTHER ADD MORE SERVICES such as -ecoTOURISM, Gourmet Cooking Training,Organic Farming 101, Circular bioEconomy, Pet for LIFE Training, etc for at least 300 ecoKAMPONG in Malaysia nearer the major population centre

With multi streams of revenues,higher quality of life in livable social communitiy, enriching foods, well paying jobs for the B40 , access to learning + qualifications, affordable medical care etc we envision that each ecoK will be Middle Class Status within 5-10 years. Some maybe better of especially supporting "Mega City"

The pioneer batch of ecoK citizens will rock and shape the future human centered design 1 Million ecoK globally to feed the 1O B healthily

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?


The ecoK delivers the 17 SDGs while addressed the interconnected themes: 


Control BioSPHERES for plants reduces up to 90-99% INPUTS such as Water Fertilizers Chemicals, Pest Control, ZERO Tilling/Weeding etc depending on crops, with Transformative Potential for AgriFOOD Farming ANYWHERE ( Urban Building Walls-Roofs, Indoors & Outdoors, ON Shore, Off Shore, Deserts and can be Community-ecoK managed. Super SUSTAINABILITY Reduction of environmnetal pollution thus having Clean Water-Air-Sea including low carbon footprints, GHG etc for all to enjoy.

 Verti3D SPACE Farming is Systems Focused Approach adaptive engineered for 3rd to 1st World depending on capabilities, budgets, and degrees of IoT/Automation/AI requirements for Plants-Animals-Aquaculture and everything in between. Modularisation will enable scalability for home kitchen, garden to restaurant indoor farm, urban farming to commercial plantation ANYWHERE. including Aquaculture for FISHES, SEAFOOD etc for EXponential YIELDS/m2. We need to redesign the way we farm horizontally so that the water is not contaminated by food waste & shits

Can be engineered to use on Land, Off Shore, Hot Desert, Cold Tundra or Artic. On Off Shore can be integrated with Aquaculture, Multi-Tropics Farming for Sea Food


Mr Abu is into rainfed RICE farming, yielding 1-2 MT/acre x 2 harvest/yr. He loans money from Loan Sharks and has to pays upon harvest. If there is drought or typhoon, it is bad news. At each harvest he earns USD300 per MT.

With Control bioSPHERES & Verti3D SPACE Farmimg, he can achieve 10-50 MT/acre x 4 harvest/yr ( =at least 100MT/acre/yr) of naturally bioFortified Rice, depending on AI Digital investments. SAVE LANDS. ZERO Nitrogen RunOFF

Based on this EXPONENTIAL YIELDS volume, mini factory for on site drying, milling, auto-packing of food-feed with enrichment of plant proteins of moringa, duckweeds etc including downstream manufacturing

Under Rainbow Rice by Apichart Vanarichit, the rice leaves contains many arrays of biochemicals which has long being neglected. Rice provides 3.5B food daily and livelihood of 20% global Population Annual output is over 700 Million MT, while wheat is over 500 Million MT. Image the amount of Land, Water, Fertilizer, Energy, Labour that can be SAVE

Mr Guna, with 2 kids a cow farmer has to wake up at 5 am to cut Napier Grass which has only 10-12% proteins, minced it to feed his 20 cows while he milks them. Upon completion, he has to drive 40km to sell to a middle man earning less than US10 per day due to poor quality milk. With high protein inexpensive feed that are enriched with algae, duckweeds or moringa, he can take care on 200 cows with refrigeration system for the middle man to collect thus increasing his income to USD100 or more. HIGHER INCOMES

Mr Chan, has 6 children, a contract poultry farmer for KFC, gets USD1 ONLY for each 41 days chicken to approved weight he delivers to KFC after deducting the antibiotics feed supplied. Chicks and Feed provided. He is responsible for all other costs and sickness. IF he can get organic low cost feed, he could earns USD3/chicken. 

If he has 500,000 chickens, he can make pre-cook chickens which will earns him USD10 each. With Fast Food Outlet and ePLATFORM, Mr CHAN may earns USD20 each. HIGH VALUE ADDS

Ms Fatimah grows bananas. Upon harvest, she has to quickly sells before the bananas before it over ripen, at low cost earning USD $0.50 per kg. With new food technology she can now make banana with other plant based proteins or fruits manufactured into crunchy protein snacks earning 10-20X MORE. With the windfall profits, she can donate 10% of Sale Price to provide for elephant santuary for co-existence.Applicable to many other cereals, other roots or fruits crops.

Mr Johnny, has 7 kids, a Fisherman go out to sea at 2pm and returns at 5am with his catch for market sale at 7am. 30 yrs ago he earns USD 300 per trip, today he is lucky to earn USD 10 after all cost. What if he has low cost enriched feed, learned aquaculture for fish, snails, frogs crabs, he can easily earn USD 200 per day on 1 acre land !!! If he uses integrative farming with open range chickens, a few cows, he could earns USD 10,000 per month. All these under the FaaS. NEW PRODUCTS-SERVICES

Ms Linda,with 4 children, has a 3 Acres fruit farm. Last 5 years, the fruits are fungi or insects infested giving low yields with deminishing returns.Also the fruits go bad after a few days With regenerative done using the control bioSPHERES, Linda expects to have abundance tasty yields for the next harvest as she uses the FaaS without any upfront cost but yield-profit sharing formula. Also we need to help her extend the shelf life of the fruits INNOVATIONS

Freddie, has 2 kids, our Manager, is a part time Culinary Chef and Scientist. He enjoys formulating flavour, frangance and taste in his cuisine from Asian to Western to African. He delights our ecoTOURISM guests with his "Michelin" skills using plants fruits edible waste in his cooking

For B2B Needs eg NESTLE, can contract ecoK FaaS to order all its manufacturing needs for farm produces of plants meats etc, on quantity-quality and where to be delivered on WIN-WIN Contract. ZERO Waste ZERO STORAGE...Just-in-Time Delivery from any of the nearest ecoK sites. LESS FOOD MILES

With many ecoK sites, food science and culinary art training for local and tourist on art of nutritions, healthy cooking and eating for optimal health will be organised

Diets, With recipes, 3D Food printers, modern cooking untensils formulating secret sauces, for any communities is BIG business

By 2030, with DNA Profile, formulated, "food be thy medicine” nutritional intake will reduce obesity,high blood pressure etc

Economics, The Total Bespoke Carbon Negative Farming System AnyWHERE @ecoK aims to for Highly Productive yields 10-10000X MORE/m2 land for Plant Based Proteins, Small Animals & Aquaculture Hubandry, Downstram Manufactures FRESH Food, Beverages, Ice Creams, Smoothies, semi process or ready-2-eat products etc, Upstream processing of waste and alternative proteins etc etc 

All these will create Quality JOBS with High Incomes for eco2K communities

Culture, With multi-racial, multi-cultural background, Malaysia can be the Gourmet Kitch of World for bioChemicals to fomulate F & B products to customers needs using the superfood ingredients

Technology, Ever innovative digital system tech of 5G, EV, Drones, Statellite, IoT, Image Recognitation Cameras, eCommerce etc, time for low cost implemetation for Precision Ag. AI-Robotics with Verti3D SPACE Systems will EXPONENTIALLY reduce cost to harvest  either indoors or outdoors setting

As a digital hub, we can initially adopt AMAZON ePlatform to sell globally until we design a better sytem to earn the extra 15-30% PROFITS. WE also build sub Fulfillment Hubs for Fast Food and Collection Centers for the last mile

DESIGNER SUPERFOOD FOODS Before 2050, MORE HiTech gizmos, techs, apps will make life simplier. Formulated nutritional intake will be the next healthi eats instead of expensive vitamins pills or expensive medical mangement etc. MeatLESS patties will the crazy if it is inexpensive

LAB FERMENTATION & SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY The best nutritional food is from fermentation where the bacteria breakdown food ready for consumption. Synthetic biology will allows us to harnessing the power of nature to solve problems in medicine, manufacturing and agriculture

APICULTURE With integrative IoT SMART farming, we can cultivate abundance "Maruka" grade herbal honey for healthly living

INSECTS-HELICICULTURE-FROG-SILK WORM PROTEINS These are nutritious delicious proteins foods

Medicinal Herbs Fungi Mushrooms Medicinal Products For immunology health uses

bioPLASTICS With abundance bioPLASTICS, from crop waste, the plant fibres and resins can be make into disposable biodegradeable materials eg packaging,  buildings insulation material, drinks cups etc without deforestation. MORE Manufacturing Industries

UNDERUTILIZED SPACES Underutilized spaces eg urban building walls-roofs, rivers, hills, rocky areas etc or deserts, off shore ocean, tundra etc > 3000 Million KM^2 can be put to good use to feed EVERYONE

WATER HARVESTING ANYWHERE ANYTIME Water is life. Every drop of rain should be harvested or condense from fog/water vapour for use. By 2030, we should be able to tap water from the clouds

ecoHEALTH TOURISM With many ecoK sites, food science and culinary art training for local and tourist on art of nutritions, healthy cooking and eating for optimal health will be organised including organic farming with home stay in the ONE MILLION ecoK

OFFSHORE AQUACULTURE - DELIVERY to CITIES By 2030 big demand for Seaweed to feed cattle to reduce methane generation. Crabs-Lobsters-ShellFish,Salmon, Sea Animals can now be easily cultivated in non pollutive environment in abundance using Integrative off shore floating platforms, process, shipped within 30 mins to the nearest city,eg New York

FOOD PRESERVATION POST HARVEST LOSS With new discoveries from Lab, by 2030 we should be able to reduce the need to throw out over ripe food-fruits-grains or use dehydration technologies and othe bio friendly technologies

Global Cooling Challenge & COLD CHAIN  The result of the Global Cooling Challenge will revolutionised the way cool the buildings and use cold chain for shelf life

REDUCTION OF FOOD MILES The 1 Million ecoK and Off Shore Farming will quantum reduce Food Miles, 

Multi USE WASTE before COMPOSTING Most plant waste can be converted into multi products before ending as composting.The control rootzone bioSPHERE is rich in bioChemicals, NPK micro-macro nutrients and carbon sinks. More R & D Needs to extract their value

Policy. Malaysia need to revamp its investments policies in modern technologies, equipments, trained manpower etc for AgriFOOD 4.0 and promotes healthy diets that are restorative for planet

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Hi Giok P Chua,
I read your vision and plan to make Malaysia as Netherlands. I can see its already a Queen of Asia due to its beauty and behaviors. You are right. You must come up with lot of food production to reduce import. I can see lot of opportunity for collaboration on food production areas. This is a tropical country, and food production can run whole year. You have mentioned rain fed agriculture only. Is there any problems for harvesting ground water? if so, I know, a nice solution to store rain water in natural aquifers and can use for agriculture round the year. I love to share more in coming days. I am fully confident to run a commercial agriculture in your country for sure. Lets jump.
All best wishes
Kind regards
Innovator and Founder Director
Pumpkin Plus

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