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The JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™ & JestGreen Suite: Mobile Management Software™

A democratized ecosystem of diverse quality products, where all have the tools, automation & connectivity to facilitate 0 emission business.

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

JestGreen LLC

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small company (under 50 employees)

If part of a multi-stakeholder entity (i.e. team), provide the names of other organizations and types of stakeholders collaborating with you.


Website of Legally Registered Entity

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 1-3 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

New York City

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?

United States of America

Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Brooklyn a borough of New York City. With a land area of 183.4 km2 and water area of 67 km2, Kings County is NY states most populous county.

What country is your selected Place located in?

United States of America

Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

I've selected Brooklyn, NY because it is now the epicenter of NYC. It's the perfect place to launch new clean initiatives and set standards for the rest of the world to follow. Brooklyn is the home of many sustainable initiatives and the place that I call home.  

I've had to learn so much, overcome so many odds to begin to operate JestGreen here in NYC. This city has upgraded me intellectually, made me a stronger person and I would like to give more people here a solution to solve their economic challenges and help save the city from climate change. 

I'm connected to Brooklyn. NYC accepted me at one of the lowest points of my life. I had nothing. But, I had drive. I came to find out that there are a multitude of opportunities here. I worked hard with a purpose and a plan. I've met so many amazing people who are working towards making the city a cleaner and more connected place to live work and play. Never have I felt such a part of a community, been able to connect my strengths, my passions and my purpose until immersing myself into this innovative city.

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

Brooklyn, NY although a small borough is the most populous county in the state, and the second most densely populous county in the United States. If ranked as a city, Brooklyn would be the third most populous city in the U.S. after Los Angeles and Chicago.   

Brooklyn is home to an eclectic mix of people from all over the world. A place where the city landscapes change from sky scrapers to beaches. The borough has experienced a renaissance and has become a destination for hipsters, gentrification, and inflated rents. You can watch the challenge between the old city and new city play out everyday. Brooklyn is a hub for entrepreneurship, technology startups, art, design and food. Many longtime residents are being priced out of equitable opportunities, can’t find affordable places to live and are leaving the city. The city's creative youth are coming of age and becoming disillusioned by the lack of opportunities to grow roots in the city.    

As the super rich take over Brooklyn residents do fight back. The strength of the people of this city is apparent in many ways. Amidst massive change we persist. Rising sea levels, the increase in severe storms, threats of terrorism, the heath crisis, urbanization and all the adverse things that move this city. There is an amazingly strong effort to fight back. To win. The people here are competitive and up to the challenges of our quickly approaching future.   

The people of Brooklyn are facing the ways of our past and stepping into the future. We know that our diets need to change. The city is taking many steps to make the food we consume safer, more diverse, nutritious, and state/local farmer grown. There is a massive effort to reduce emissions, conserve water, use renewable energies and build better buildings. Many efforts are underway to involve & educate the public about the many changes taking place in the city and people are taking advantage. Farmers markets are becoming the new normal, local grains are being produced, micro breweries are forming, urban farms & rooftop farms are surfacing, and the city is working to become carbon neutral. 

Entrepreneurship here is booming. Food halls are opening everywhere, new pop up markets, innovative new technologies are emerging, community cooperatives are forming, and the people native & new to this city are finding even inventing ways to survive. The hope of the people here is to still be able to afford to live a good life in Brooklyn. The people want the air & water to be clean, the sun to shine on their street, reliable public transportation, and to know that their lives matter. Brooklyn is on its way to being one of the world's prototypes for efficiency and catalyzing a connected ecosystem of opportunity with a vision of the future not yet seen.  

What is the approximate size of your Place, in square kilometers? (New question, not required)


What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

Brooklyn has an enormous and quickly growing population. In a residential boom, every space available is being utilized to build. Even the air space above buildings is for sale. As the city evolves there are many adverse changes occurring around Brooklyn. New rezoned neighborhoods are popping up everywhere, corporations rule, historical neighborhoods are being destroyed, homelessness is rising, families are being displaced and the super rich are moving in. There is an unjust economic shift that has engulfed the city and as inflation happens it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a NYer.

Our environments are going through a forced and unforced change at once. Climate change is a big issue for Brooklyn. We don’t grow much food in the borough but we do gather most of our food and water from surrounding areas. Urban farming operations are budding but the city still has antiquated regulations in regards to farming in an urban environment. But, urban farms are our future and more and more people crave hyper local nutrient dense products. The diets in the city correspond with culture, environment, technology and economic situation. There are large and growing gaps that challenge the food system that exists.  

The number of farmers, processors and distributors, and retailers in New York is bottlenecked.  The many farmers feed into a very small pool of processors and distributors constricting the ability of our local produce to get to the many retailers and subsequently consumers. This constriction hinders the progress of the local food economy. Food is being grown locally but most is not making it through the very narrow resource of processors and distributors and therefore most local food is bound to farmers markets. Farmers don’t receive enough money for their produce. This skewed revenue distribution acts not only as a barrier of entry to local markets but also as a barrier of entry to individuals attempting to join the farming side of the local food industry.   

There is an increasingly evident disparity between different races and social classes and the exposure to fresh foods they received. While, there is a stunning amount of money spent on marketing unhealthy food in comparison to proper food education. People aren’t eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Obesity is a city wide epidemic. Obese individuals have a 50 to 100% greater risk of premature death than those that are not obese yet obesity percentages are consistently among the nations highest. There is an overarching trend where highly nutritious foods realize low profits whereas low nutrition foods are highly profitable. So, companies are making more money selling food people’s bodies are essentially unable to use than companies selling foods that ensure a healthful body and mind.   

In 2050 the city will be even more populated with more pressure placed upon the food system and interconnected industries to keep up with demand. We need to consider waste, pollution, in the midst of rising water levels and a host of new environmental challenges. 

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

Our flagship concept the JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™ with mobile management software offers a platform for food entrepreneurs to distribute their food using our smart modular restaurant quality kitchens and a technology infrastructure designed to help the entrepreneur operate a smarter more connected business and move their branded food closer to demand, improve efficiency, expand quickly and while producing zero emissions. 

My experiences as an entrepreneur and commitment to improve the core facilities used for mobile food retail has produced The JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™. The system is a breakthrough food cart that uses sustainable design principles to introduce new & unparalleled low energy system to keep food safer. The system operates by using stored battery power and self charges by generating its own renewable energy. JestGreen is seeking ways to improve and modernize the mobile retail experience, overall product safety, reduce emissions and waste. The JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™ focuses on creating the energy necessary to fuel the distribution of clean, transparent, high quality products throughout NYC.

JestGreen will bridge the gaps that exist by working with the local NYC municipalities and NY state governments to improve the sustainability of NYC, by providing a product that exceeds all regulatory demands creates a new "curb adjacent" marketplace and sets new standards for mobile retail. By producing the JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System we will be helping to improve the cities air quality, employing the people of the city, and deploying a diverse portfolio of new vendors with more conscious products in innovative ways.

This first kiosk deals with food but I plan to design and build a line of unique smart kiosks that are able to fulfill an assortment of retail needs and use modern technologies to facilitate sustainable business anywhere. We will offer our kiosks for rental, lease, purchase, connected fleets as well as data services and subscriptions that democratize retail.

Farmers will be able to work with chefs and provide value added products anywhere. Food entrepreneurs will be able to feasibly start a business. Operating a startup will become more affordable in this new semi autonomous mobile format. Entrepreneurs of all kinds will be able to enter the mobile retail market with the tools and automation to compile the data that they need to compete and expand their businesses. Kiosks will be able to share excess energy, kiosk operators will be able to communicate with each other, our neighbors will be able to contribute their human energy at our Mobile Kiosks™ and I believe the action of seeing the power that one has and can create will empower the masses to explore greater opportunities in life as a whole.   

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

I envision a future where diverse quality products are more readily accessible to all, everyone has a chance to operate a business, the tools, automation, & connected appliances to be successful all in a modular turn key solution. A place where food desserts no longer exists and people can see their neighbors being the difference while making a difference. This first kiosk deals with food but I plan to design and build a line of unique smart kiosks that are able to fulfill an assortment of retail needs and use modern technologies to facilitate sustainable business anywhere. We will offer our kiosks for rental, lease, purchase, connected fleets as well as data services and subscriptions that democratize retail.

There is so much that I want to do to make NYC a greater place for its residents, tourists, foodies, creators, entrepreneurs, and for the next generation of Jest talented individuals. I want to provide JestGreen Mobile Kiosk Systems as an alternative to a brick & mortar locations. Too many of us are being priced out or never could afford to even participate in the wonderful place NYC is to be in business. This curb adjacent alternative to traditional mobile retail comes from my experiences as a chef and as an innovative thinker living in the one and only NYC. 

The JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™ will offer more people the opportunity to begin to start and operate small businesses that can eventually grow into competitive brands with multiple mobile retail locations. I also see food deserts and the lack of access to high quality traceable foods & products in areas of the city being a thing of the past. Street vending has been the foundation of NYC since the beginning and I believe it's about time its gotten some respect on its name. The people of Brooklyn will be able to exist and participate in the changes happening in our city. 

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

JestGreen is transitioning mobile retail to sustainable energy with electric systems, smart technology and integrated renewable energy solutions. We are a sustainable designer & manufacturer of modern mobile distribution systems, that facilitate an ecosystem where entrepreneurs & businesses can pilot, operate, or expand a profitable remote retail business using our smart connected Mobile Kiosk Systems™ and Mobile Management Software. Our company’s mobile management platform will host a suite of services and build a marketplace of Mobile Kiosk™operators and users.

The Mobile Kiosk System™ reduces air pollution and reduces the health & safety hazards associated with existing mobile food systems. By using a Fuzion™ of alternative energy creation sources and modern tech, our system is able to effectively power, monitor and control all onboard systems. The kiosk is designed around a number of functional requirements that meet & exceed all city/state/federal requirements and regulations. The system includes the Mobile Kiosk™(Trailer), the Dispatch Unit™(Tractor) & The JestGreen Suite: Mobile Management Software™. 

Using the Mobile Suite™ Mobile Kiosk™ users have the opportunity to create user profiles, sign up for meal subscription services, place orders/pick up orders from the kiosks Distribution Unit™, participate in rewards & loyalty programs, pinpoint a kiosks location and much more. For Mobile Kiosk™ operators the Mobile Suite™ is a real-time connected mobile management system that improves the efficiency with which the Mobile Kiosk System™ operators can receive order payments, user feedback, post merchandise, schedule events, market products, manage user data, communicate with current and potential users. JestGreen provides an entire platform of product, process, and data services.

The system can also be used to promote compliance with municipal regulations and enhance the ability of regulators to monitor compliance. The management software supports a platform that keeps Mobile Kiosk™ operators appraised of applicable regulations, facilitates online organization and filing of regulatory documents, and allows remote monitoring/tracking to ensure our Mobile Kiosks™ are operating in accordance with applicable regulations.

Our Mobile Kiosk System™ features a scalable proprietary infrastructure including mobile and cloud enabled remote fleet management. With a dedicated focus on promoting sustainability, JestGreen kiosks are estimated to produce 0% greenhouse gas and 100% percent less smog-causing pollution than any other mobile retail system. The JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System simplifies and modernizes the mobile business model, providing our operators with a turnkey solution to service their customers. The ability to have an easy, efficient way to reach customers for a low investment will have a significant impact on the mobile retail industry and establish JestGreen as a globally recognizable brand.

As JestGreen grows as a company, the goal of the company is to revolutionize the mobile retail industry by creating an entirely unique democratized “curb adjacent” market and improving the well being of the world. JestGreen will create Mobile Kiosks™ for consumers and businesses to perform full time business operations, to test new products and concepts, engage customers before a major opening and at special events, and drive additional revenue during construction, remodels, peak times and provide added value services. JestGreen’s strategy of direct customer sales and owning its own JestGreen HUBs™ will be a significant departure from the standard mobile retail model.

JestGreen HUB™ will be L.E.E.D. rated (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) advanced commissary & manufacturing facilities where our Mobile Kiosks™ will be produced, stored and maintained. These facilities will operate on renewable energy options, offer a micro storefront space to highlight select Mobile Kiosk™ businesses and function as a business center. The JestGreen HUB™ will provide shared prep kitchen space(s) & multi-use workstations for operators with storage, cleaning, repair, office space, training and a suite of added value services. 

JestGreen plans to implement a circular organizational culture, where team members feel free to give their ideas and opinions. Innovation is at the heart of JestGreen. Every team member will be encouraged to contribute innovative ideas. The aim is to motivate team members to strive for excellence. JestGreen will support our  team members' involvement in R&D, projects and experiments, which are implemented to test new ideas. The JestGreen organizational culture will create a social ambiance that is warm. Warmth is a factor that facilitates information sharing and team member satisfaction. Our organizational culture maintains a small-company-family ambiance, where people can easily share ideas with each other. 

JestGreen has conceptualized the Mobile Kiosk System™ and plans to have a single prototype built. Then to conduct a pilot of the Mobile Kiosk System™ to test things out on a small scale and without a large initial investment before we know if the technology will actually be a viable option for the company to bring to scale. The pilot project will address questions like what success will look like with this technology. Is it saving time and money, being able to get a job completed faster, operating as conceived? The plan is to proceed with further R&D, submit a provisional patent application, build and operate one Mobile Kiosk System™ for five to six months before submitting a full patent application. The entire process is projected to take one year to complete.   

The New York City JestGreen Mobile Kiosk System™ Pilot aims to advance the safety of mobile food retail and improve the air quality of the city through the deployment of connected vehicle hardware & technologies powered by electric systems, smart technology and integrated renewable energy solutions. This objective directly aligns with the city’s and the many global initiatives to eliminate emissions like the NYC 80x50, Paris Climate Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, and the Green New Deal. 

The pilot aims to reduce emissions, improve mobile retail technologies, reduce barriers to entry and evaluate the benefits of deploying electrically powered mobile retail systems in dense urban environments with rapidly increasing populations and that are combating the effects of climate change. 

JestGreen plans to be a platform for the masses to operate profitable semi autonomous mobile businesses and offer a diverse array of transparent products, opportunities to grow and generate their own economic wealth.    

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