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Simply Sexy Food R-Evolution - Earth Re-Imagined, Re-Inspired, Re-Invented and Renewed

.. small & mid size farms have returned, forests are re-growing, our waterways are cleaner and the biodiversity of the planet is rebounding!

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Simply Sexy Food

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We are individual free citizens who are passionate about everything food related. This initiative by the Rockefeller Foundation is generating the type awareness and help save the Human species and our home, Earth. We have watched the documentaries, read the books and articles, shifted to plant based diets and in our own families and have shared our knowledge to inspire, and help those we love, improve their health and the health of the planet. We have dreamed and debated the "how and why" we (Humanity) must take action now to Dramatically Reduce, air, water and land pollution, de-forestation, and the in-efficient use of our rapidly declining natural resources, to ensure a real and lasting Sustainable Planetary Food System Now because of this initiative, Vision 2050, we are united under the banner, Simply Sexy Food. Real people, collaborating to solve the one real issue facing all of us...Feeding the growing population of Earth now and for generations to come.

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How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 1-3 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

Kingston, Ontario

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?


Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. but applicable globally

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

** Our food system in Kingston, faces the same challenge faced by Africa, America, Europe, India, Asia... we are all in the same "boat". This is a Global Challenge. What we do affects others. What others do affects us. We, however, are of the fortunate ones. We live in a peaceful, bountiful country. We have access to any thing or service imaginable. Further we have the resources and general culture to create any thing or any service imaginable. We experience an immense freedom, much like our neighbors in the USA and our cousins in Europe and in all other democratic 1st world nations. It is We (1st world Citizens) who are largely responsible for the over production and consumption of animal products, and we are most certainly the ones (1st world citizens) who have the resources, technology, and political power to stop the over production and consumption of animal products. Further we have a responsibility and obligation for our children and future generations to take steps right now to fix what we have broken...that being our Food System. This is the single largest challenge humankind has faced since the last Ice Age. But this challenge cannot be survived or tackled one person, family, tribe, or even large metropolis city at a time. Our solution lies in the union of people, policy, economics and technology toward a single goal (with many components). That goal being Healthy People and a Healthy Planet. All this comes down to Food... as you know. To fix our broken, obsolete, food system, there is one resource at our disposal, which has virtually no limit, and which we must be prepared to freely use.Money. We must fairly compensate those industry, political and private parties who are about to have their factory farms, feed lots, and business models altered if not shut down completely, and forever. So people of the Earth, now is the time for action and investment in our future. Long term growth, long term ROI but with Unlimited potential

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

Kingston, Ontario is in many ways like any Canadian city of its size of about 125,000. Unique However is its location at the end Lake Ontario and the mouth of the St.Lawrence River. Surrounded by sprawling wet lands, farm lands and mixed bush, dotted by small communities in every direction and the United States of America just accross the river and lake to the south. Also of note are the 1000 Islands of the St. Lawrence River. The area is also known for its solar and wind energy farms. The Population is a diverse mix of cultural backgrounds, and hence the food options are virtually unlimited in flavor, variety, and availability. However the general Canadian diet today is still the product of generations directed by the Canada Food Guide, which was similar to the American Food Guide, which was with all good intentions funded by the meat and dairy industries. And therefore in general the population here consumes a predominantly animal based diet. The Good News is that at the beginning of 2019 Canada launched a new Food Guide. It is pretty much exactly the same as the Planetary Health Diet launched by EAT in the change is already starting. Thankfully due to larger communities of people from other countries like India, Asia, South & Central America, within our community, the diet and options continue to evolve toward more plant food consumption. The people here work hard, trying to build lives, families, and careers in every imaginable sector from engineering to farming, from service to manufacturing. Kingston has it all But it also has heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure, cancer, diabetes,...families are still losing loved ones to food related disease. We also have health clubs and health food stores, and people who Want to be Healthy and Who want the Planet to be healthy. And these people are paying attention and are making individual changes. Now it is time to bring all like minded individual together with One Vision/Goal and together develop and activate a long term plan for our long term survival matter how ordinary it might be!

What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

Here in 2020 70% of the worlds agricultural land is used to feed and house the livestock industry. Unfortunately this massive resource use, only produces 17% of the global food for Humans. Compound this with the fact that billions of $ are at stake and affect a myriad of businesses from farms, and equipment to processing and distribution. Further there is a misguided popular perception that meat is essential and the single most important food source for humanity. This unfortunately is the belief and attitude of the vast majority of people living in the developed nations around the world. But this belief (this Lie) is losing credibility. People from all socio-economic backgrounds are listening and making changes in their individual homes. Efforts such as this one are polarizing public opinion. Policy needs to be changed Technology must be engaged to replace this obsolete industry with new industries and business models that not only clean up our past mistakes, but also pave a path of Economic opportunity and prosperity. By 2035, there will be 25% less Livestock Globally. By 2050, livestock population will be 50% of the 2020 levels. Forests are regrowing. Water ways are getting cleaner every year. Biodiversity is holding steady. The Environment is rebounding. People are eating a predominantly plant based diet. Health costs have been steadily falling these past couple years. Small and mid size farms have returned. Factory farms are all but history. Politicians are struggling to enforce the legislation to continue the reduction of livestock populations The Pharmaceutical industry has joined the meat industry in pushing back as they too now see their profits plummeting as the global population become stronger and healthier, no longer requiring as much drug related treatments. Lobby groups such as the Cattlemen's Association, Dairy Boards. Chicken and Turkey Boards, Pork, Lamb and Sheep Farmers are in a frenzy. There is a thriving black market for meat. The world political stage is in a state of chaos as the old guard are quickly losing their power to a new wave of leaders whose interests are invested in sustainable farming, clean processing operations, solar and wind energy, and plant based food. Laboratory grown meat is finally gaining acceptance. But there are still many obstacles to overcome. Plant based food processing has quadrupled but too much sugar. Transportation and distribution industries have been hit hard in the transition, but are evolving and growing to supply more fresh produce on demand than ever before. A paradigm shift - away from meat and toward plant based food - is still the political hot bed. Old industry is being dismantled while new industry is establishing. The balance of power is shifting. Old Money tradition is giving way to the New Rich visions. The Earth is renewing. Hope is in the Air . But political and social choas still prevails. But, as a global community we can prevail.

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

The challenges of fixing our food system are daunting but they are achievable, when broken down into individual components that can be tackled one or two at a time, by a collaborative of individual and group partners around the world. Initially, continuing the PR campaign of educating and informing the public of the issues. But now the solutions compiled as a result of this Vision 2050 project will be the emphasis. Solutions need to become the message. Actionable strategies must be put into motion and the broader public must be empowered and engaged toward tangible accomplishments. The single largest challenge and opportunity lies within the livestock industry. Or more to the point in dismantling the livestock industry. Our vision will see a 25% reduction of the Global livestock population in the year 2030. By 2035 dramatic changes will have occurred in the Environment, in peoples health (a result of plant based diet), Policy and Economic Reform and New Industry development. New slaughter standards will be implemented and maintained to ensure maximum use of and reduced waste of animal products. People around the world are rapidly shifting their diets. Animal product consumption has dropped dramatically and big money is being invested in plant food production and distribution. The Global community has rallied together once we did with the Ozone Layer depletion in the latter part of the 20th we did with Aids, Ebola... like we did in WW1 and WW2. We combined our resources and efforts to avert global disaster. Our vision is backed by a communication strategy that will inspire and engage people from every culture and every economic background. Our vision is radical on one hand ... but not ridiculous. Our vision is only a part of the strategies and solutions required to secure a food future for humanity, but it is a very important part. We cannot ignore the situation we are in any longer. Nor can we be naive to think that we can chip away at this issue as Michael Angelo did with his statue of David. No, hammer and chisel are not enough. Thankfully we have the technology and tools to take big chunks out of the obstacle before us. Further we have the financial resources to pay everyone for everything. But do we have the courage, commitment and determination, to stand before the world with our "Ark" Plan? Will we lay out the blue prints? Will we ask for and welcome help from the global community of individuals, groups, corporations, and policy makers? The Answers must be Yes. And through music, social media, and right actions, we will inspire and engage the people of the world in this emergency renovation of our fields and streams, forests and refrigerators !!! Our Policies will naturally evolve and our unbridled creativity will imagine and then invent the gears, and wheels, and cogs... the legislation, systems and supports... to maintain our newly remodeled home...Planet Earth.

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

People will be healthier. People will be happier. Plant food will be cheaper. Animal food will be more expensive. Deforestation will stop. Reforestation will be a booming business. Factory Farms will no longer exist. Small and medium Farms will be thriving Sanitary, Humane super Efficient but small local cleaning and slaughter facilities are popping up everywhere paying high wages in this highly skilled trade. Food Waste reduction programs are becoming ever more sophisticated combining technology and people Community Gardens are the Norm. Neighborhood Food Sharing Programs are bringing communities together. Mental Health issues are steadily declining as peoples psychological needs are being met through the strong community bonds that naturally formed when we join forces to protect and help evolve our food system. Renewable Energy will power 50% of the planet The Global Economy will be booming. New industries, new technologies, are emerging at unprecedented rates. The W.H.O. will announce that the # of people with Diabetes, Heart disease, High blood Pressure and Cholesterol have decreased by more than 30%. People will still live the same (sometimes boring) lives we live. Going to school, finding a job, finding a partner, building a family, taking vacation, retiring etc.. But our lives will be healthier, longer. Our world will be a cleaner place... we will not be talking about CO2, or starvation issues or even obesity issues ( in a couple generations) Less emphasis will be on finding another planet to colonize for survival but rather for exploring space for our growth and evolution. we do believe that truly addressing this one issue - the planetary food system - will bring a type of cooperation that will lead to a measure of peace (we can imagine) that is like the stuff of legend and fantasy. But we believe that; "whatever we can conceive, and truly believe, we can achieve."

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

The Challenge – to communicate a Vision for a global food system with our eye on 2050. On our road to 2050, there will be many markers, or points of reference, to help us stay on track. Our vision starts today in 2019 and can clearly imagine that mid way marker. It is here, in 2035, where we would like to take you, so you can see the results of our vision put into Action. So without further delay, join us for a little stroll to celebrate a Triumph for Humanity and The Planet in 2035… Walking through this thicket of shrubs, small trees and grasses, I marvel at the waves of birds soaring and darting and filling the air with their songs. Yet, 15 years ago this river delta plain was virtually lifeless. A casualty of factory livestock production facilities which then dominated the region, and the waste ‘accidentally leaked’ into the waterway. When I emerge from the thick young forest/meadow at the rivers bank, there is life everywhere! The water is clear and in the soft mud at its shore there are tracks of the wildlife who are increasing in numbers and diversity every year! A gentle breeze carries the intoxicating scent of tomatoes! As I look up, into the wind and across the river, my gaze is consumed by a lush deep green expanse dotted with tens of thousands of plump red tomatoes. And to think that just 8 years ago, much of that Tomato Farm was land that had been sprayed for decades with millions of gallons of hog waste. But now, here in 2035, thanks to a 25% reduction (from 2020 levels) of Global Livestock Production, places like this are be re-claimed and re-born every year. And if we, Humanity, stay on track, this reduction will hit the 60% target by 2050. Which means that by 2050 we will be maintaining livestock production at 40% of where we were in 2020. There were close to 1 Billion cows in the world. Now less than 750 million. There were huge factory farms with tens of thousands of animals crammed in terrible conditions. Now, due to strict legislation and regulation, 1000 head is the largest legally allowable farm. The small, and mid size, sustainable farm has returned. Co-op cleaning and processing operations are being established in farming communities everywhere and are showing remarkable results. E-coli, and listeria, contamination are almost non existent. Which means that virtually all the meat processed is consumable. No recalls. No waste. Species extinction has virtually stopped. Rainforests are rebounding rapidly. Waterways are cleaner and fish populations rising. The Biodiversity of the Planet is rebounding! It all truly started in 2019, with the release of the EAT Lancet Report and the Planetary Health Diet. This, internationally representative group of scientists and experts, took a stand, and began presenting this report in every nation around the world, which clearly indicated the need to shift our human food consumption to an almost exclusively Plant Based Whole Foods Diet. Coincidentally Canada, also launched their Canada Food Guide, in January 2019. It too recommended that we consume primarily Plant Based Whole Foods. The Dairy, and meat livestock industries went wild. Meat began showing up at incredibly low prices in North American grocery stores everywhere. Advertising campaigns increasingly propagated the lie that we need milk for calcium, we need meat protien, we need fish fatty acids etc to be healthy, strong… but the truth is that Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke Disease, High Cholesterol, Obesity…need milk and meat. These diseases are nourished and actually flourish on an animal based, diet. Vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts… kill Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc. It took time but people took notice of the documentaries and movements toward a plant based diet for both their own health and the health of the planet. But the meat industry is worth trillions of $. Over feeding millions and causing the starvation of millions of others. And these millions of overfed people feed the Trillion $ pharmaceutical industry. Together these 2 industries – Pharmaceutical and Livestock – fed billions of $ to politicians, and lobby groups and misinformation campaigns aimed at ensuring we keep eating meat and drinking milk. And we have not even mentioned the Bio Engineering industry and giants like Monsanto and Dupont…spending Trillions $ more… to fund lies and coverups, and make short term profits. While destroying the very planet which supports all life. Short Term Profits….Long term destruction. With no regard to the potential extinction of the human species! But, the lies, became clear. The truth became clearer. And the Public, the voters, the consumers, on mass, paid attention and started making the shift to a plant based diet. By the time this all started in 2019, plant based protein products had already been established, custom home delivery meal services packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, were an accepted and growing industry, and lab grown meat was starting to gain recognition. And this last point, Lab Grown Meat, is worthy of special mention. You see this was the bridge industry between science, big business and the consumer that insists on eating meat. A ‘sustainable’ supply of meat which did not use the land and water resources that traditional livestock required was an important middle ground! This middle ground, that ensured a supply of meat, in a world where traditional meat supply was dramatically declining. And an area that environmentalists and animal rights activists could meet and work with big industry meat processors…to supply the existing (albeit shrinking) market for animal based foods. With vegetarianism on the rise, along came a truly ‘flexitarian’ approach to the issue facing the planet. A human population, est. 10 Billion by 2050. How to feed them. Stop Global warming – Livestock was the single largest contributor Stop species extinction – End deforestation for animal feed crops, over fishing, and eliminate waste from factory livestock farming. Reserving 50 of the Earth’s land, to be managed wild lands once again. Vegans needed to get off their high horse. Meat eaters needed to stop being so red neck. Both had to learn to respect the other and eat together, regardless of who was eating what. Politicians needed to stop selling out to old big business and pass new laws banning these, now known to be dangerous practices no matter how much money is involved. New leaders emerged as the voting public rallied for change through the grass root movements that were spurred on by documentaries like Cowspiracy, and What the Health, and Plant Pure Nation and the movements they supported. A new way to do business that supports the planet and people was being encourage to replace those industries lost in the slaughter. And yes there has been slaughter! It was 5 years ago. 2030. The public/consumers were ready, industry was ready, systems were in place and it began; 5 Billion chickens 300 Million Cattle 200 Million Pigs And millions of sheep and lambWorld Wide were slaughtered. But this was a clean slaughter. Literally and figuratively and even metaphorically. The animals were washed and killed cleanly. They were butchered with care and everything was used. From Leather, to food to bones. In the months preceding the slaughter, home freezer sales skyrocketed, huge public freezer storage facilities were built, new jobs were created to clean up slaughter facilities, train butchers, and public inspectors who would ensure this new standard for slaughter would be applied. But an entire industry was essentially destroyed. Essentially overnight…with laws in place to ensure its continue dismantling down to its basic primal core. How was this done you are probably asking. Money. Pure simple Money. Real estate deals were made. Cattle farmers were paid billions of dollars for the purchase and closure of their operations. Feed farmers were paid Hundreds of millions $ to repurpose their land for Human Food Crops. Even the biotech giants like Monsanto etc were paid billions $ for their losses, with the passing of these new laws prohibiting most of their products, seeds, chemicals. And hundreds of Millions $ more are continually being poured into small farm projects, worldwide distribution projects, reforestation projects, water purification projects, plant based product development projects etc. This was and is being initiated by a truly Global Cooperative Foundation, the Plant Pure Food Foundation, ( we own this domain) Plant Pure Food Foundation (PPFF) is a not for profit co-op, that was initiated by a small group of likeminded people. They developed the model and business plan for what we are witnessing planetwide today. Along with the EAT – Lancet Commission and other groups they began presenting it to the UN, world leaders in their own countries and through social media to the global population. The applications for funding and support from the IMF, WMF, UN and individual nations were met with conservative resistance, but eventually stepped forward and established the Global Environmental Trust specifically for World Food System Restructuring. Meanwhile donations began pouring in from common everyday people. Each donation dollar being a share in the PPFF. To date PPFF has spent over $3 Trillion in acquisitions, repurposing, reclamation, training, farming, distribution, education and projects globally which have given this planet, another chance. Hunger is no longer an issue. Health care costs have reduced 35%. There has been a consistent decline in almost all major illnesses in the developed world. There is a global sigh of relief, and renewed belief that we have stopped this man made global disaster, and are well on the way to a bright future that will support generations to come on this precious and wonderfully diverse planet Earth

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Cool way to get your ideas out there! I would like to connect and collaborate across borders... Dr. Kelly with Perpetual Harvest sustainability consulting.

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