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Planning against food insecurity

The fight against hunger thanks to agriculture

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

Établissement MULINGANYA

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small company (under 50 employees)

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 1-3 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?


Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Walungu located in eastern of Democratic republic of the Congo,province of south-kivu ,has a total area of approximately 1,800 km^2

What country is your selected Place located in?

Democratic republic of the Congo

Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

I choose this place because first of all, it's my city and trere are many issues among them we have malnutrition and hunger caused by insecurity and different wars that we had in the region

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

As for the population, it is a peasant population that lives the most from livestock farming but also from agriculture. In terms of climate we have a tropical climate, in terms of language, we speak a local dialect which is mashi, the population hopes one day that each of them finds enough food for himself and his family and sell the rest to find some money to provide for the household and thus put an end to malnutrition with all its consequences.

What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

The current challenge is insecurity, the state can not better protect its citizens, in terms of the environment there is no challenge because we do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, in terms of culture there is no challenge because the population is mainly farmer and rancher, in terms of technology, this is a big challenge to overcome following a lack of infrastructure.

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

in 2050,i would like in my country the the rate of malnutrition decreases considerably if not disappear, that there are no longer end-linked diseases, that there is sufficient infrastructure for the processing of livestock products and agriculture into finished product. And thanks to these infrastructures of food processing, the unemployment rate will drop considerably and will increase the GDP of the Congo. Thanks to the factories of the transformations, the economy of the region will be boosted, it will not be only introverted but extroverted towards the countries neighbors hence the increase in the standard of living of the Congolese and all this in respect of the environment

How did you hear about the Food System Vision Prize?

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