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Growing Ethiopian Kale for vitamin A reach food feeding

See people who are consuming vitamin A reach food with a very simple affordable technique

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

ORDA (organization for rehabilitation in Amhara region )

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Large NGO (over 50 employees)

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 1-3 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?


Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?


Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Lasta woreda, one of the woreda in north Wollo zone in Ethiopia, covers 10 000km^2

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

I am working here at lasta for FOOD SECURITY. I am health and nutrition officer at ORDA

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

Lasta woreda is found in amhara region. This woreda is populated by Amharic Speaking community. We have strong thigh with the community as we are working in food security.

This district has highland lowland and temperate zone.

In this woreda the community eat teff(local cereals unique to Ethiopia ) as their major food and grains like pea, chickpeas. Vegetables and fruits are also part of their food although there is supply shortage.much of the community (95) are rural residents.

This woerda/district is home of very unique Rock hewn churchs. Many of the worlds tourists visit the churches each day.

What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

There is no  culture of growing vegetables to feed children and adolescents year round.

But by using simple method we can grow Ethiopian green kale for simple method and with used water.

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

Erase vitamin A shortage and food gaps in the community there  y bringing Healthy community.

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

Prevent vitamin A deficiency in the community 

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

Make growing nutrient dense food at home with simple methods and nutrient dense food feeding a habit.

How did you hear about the Food System Vision Prize?

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