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Giving new life to “cast-off” foods, translating it into medium of art

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

Future Vision Inc

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small company (under 50 employees)

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • Just beginning now

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

Kuala Lumpur

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?


Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

Klang Valley, The Greater Kuala Lumpur.

What country is your selected Place located in?


Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

Stay and Live here.

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

The Greater Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley) is an area in Malaysia that is centered in Kuala Lumpur and includes its adjoining cities and towns in the state of Selangor. The Klang Valley is geographically delineated by Titiwangsa Mountains to the north and east and the Strait of Malacca to the west. It extends to Rawang in the northwest, Semenyih in the southeast, and Klang and Port Klang in the southwest. The conurbation is the heartland of Malaysia's industry and commerce. The Klang Valley is home to roughly 7.9 million people.

What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

Malaysians threw away 16,688 tonnes of food daily that can be used to feed 12 million people.

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

We get otherwise thrown fruits and veggies from grocers to natural watercolours for your kids to express creativity and for you to have a peace of mind in keeping your children safe

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

Save the Future Generation from Food Waste and Give Kids a Chance to Express Their Creativity

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

Visionary Change

How did you hear about the Food System Vision Prize?

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Hi D T 

Welcome to the Food System Vision Prize Community! Thank you for sharing the vision that could help address the challenges of food waste in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

It would be great if you can share with us more details about your Vision:

- Since the Prize asks you to imagine the food system in 2050, we encourage you to think more about vision than solution. Could you explain how your Vision will address the six interconnected themes: Economics,
Diet, Technology, Policy, Culture and Environment in Klang Valley?

- As your Vision will be designed specifically for Klang Valley, we encourage you to learn more about the needs, aspirations, motivations, and challenges of the place and its people and bring the top insights together to your Vision. You can find some inspiration and tools to help you with your research in the Vision Prize Toolkit in Chapter 2 under Tools of Transformation.

- Have you had a chance to share your Vision with your key stakeholders and listen to how they feel about it? It would be great to synthesize their feedback and incorporate into your Vision.

- One of the most promising resources that can help you make a disruptive yet feasible Vision is data. We’ve put together a wide range of resources and websites that can help you pull out data relevant to your context and Vision. You can find them here:

You can also check criteria of evaluation the Vision on the Food System Vision Prize website in the section "How Your Vision will be Evaluated"

Please note that the last day to submit your final Vision is on Jan 31, 2020 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. Look forward to seeing your Vision evolve through the coming weeks.