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A hybrid brand distribution system for:non perishable food,Building materials,paper products,hygiene/medical supplies powered by Blockchain.

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Lead Applicant Organization Name

BHN-Basic Human Needs Inc.

Lead Applicant Organization Type

  • Small company (under 50 employees)

If part of a multi-stakeholder entity (i.e. team), provide the names of other organizations and types of stakeholders collaborating with you.

Item Banc -a technology engine designed to create global parity valuation information. Item Banc Tokens( ICO-STO). Backed by the BHN product system. Data for the engine is derived from a basket of BHN-basic human need goods.

Website of Legally Registered Entity

How long have you / your team been working on this Vision?

  • 3-10 years

Lead Applicant: In what city or town are you located?

Atlanta Georgia.

Lead Applicant: In what country are you located?

United States Of America

Your Selected Place: what’s the name of the Place you’re developing a Vision for?

East Coast of the United States. 2,369 miles (3,813 km). Maine to Florida. Atlantic ocean coast line. Team Member-Christopher Freeman- CEO

What country is your selected Place located in?

United States of America.

Describe your relationship to the place you’ve selected.

Why did you select this Place? East coast offers prime locations to build a food system hub for strategic distribution from North to south and east to west. Because of its rich undeveloped land mass, states along the east coast are excellent for agricultural and manufacturing development. The east coast has a deep past history of farming and raw product manufacturing in the region. Shipping ports- Savannah,GA. ports, Charleston S.C. ports offers opportunity to contract product production with potential overseas clients.

Why is this Place important to you? The east coast has vast opportunities for a variety of agricultural and manufacturing production. The climate ranges from cool, mild and tropical. In which can produce a wide variety of food products all year round. A large percentage of the land today is still undeveloped, unfarmed. Great vision, investment capital and emerging technology can help resurrect a production revolution along the east coast.

East coast is highly vulnerable to natural disasters. Hurricanes are the biggest threats. From high winds, tornadoes and torrential flooding, mother nature can rearrange land mass over night. In which can disrupt daily lives for millions of US citizens. Climate change along with mother nature will consistently target the east coast. Having a sustainable aid system in place is smart strategy for when the wrath of mother nature strikes. 

How are you connected to it? I lived along the east coast all my life. I come from a family of farmers in the Georgia area- Coweta county, Hogansville Georgia. I was born in Savannah(Thunderbolt) Georgia a few miles from the islands off the Atlantic coast. I witnessed the fall of food production in middle Georgia, decline of manufacturing production and mother nature's destruction. I see potential in the east coast once again becoming an impact food and product supplier for the US and even globally.

Describe the People and Place: Provide information that would be helpful for an outsider who has never been there and may have no context about this Place to better understand the area.

 The east coast is a combination of islands, flat lands, mountains and populated capital states. Many of the populated areas are located near the Atlantic ocean, rivers and low lying areas. While  rural areas are less populated due to the decline of agriculture production and manufacturing. Climate in the Lower southern east coast is tropical, rare winters, long seasons of warm temperatures, sun and rain. Middle east coast receives four seasons, hot summers. Upper east coast has longer seasons of harsh winters, more rain, sleet and snow. East coast is known for its shipping ports in which imports and exports throughout the world.

 East coast people enjoy many types of fresh seafood from the Atlantic ocean(blue crabs, shrimp, oysters, clams, various types of fish). The coast is plentiful with vegetables and fruits from inland farms- (Oranges, peaches, peanut, pecans, apples, greens, corn, beans, watermelons). For animal farms(Chicken, beef, pork).

 East coast is diverse with culture from around the world. Florida -Haitians & Caribbean culture. Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina-Asians, African Americans, Whites and Hispanics. Upper east coast is a melting pot of global cultures. You will discover many cultural traditions, food and history throughout the east coast.

 Compared to other parts of the United States coast lines, people of the east coast diet is high in seasoning, sodium, fat, sugar and process foods. A high percentage of the people are over weight with health problems such as diabetes and heart problems. Sadly this is affecting the youths as well. This unbalanced diet can changed by building platforms that offers only affordable choices of healthy food groups. 

The east coast has a rich agricultural history. Mass production of natural resources along with agriculture basically created the financial foundation for America. It once was a major machine in the supply chain of raw resources and food production. Because of the major shift in manufacturing overseas in the early 1980's, it left a huge hole in agriculture production and product manufacturing along the east coast. Structural skeletons of massive dead manufacturers can still be seen in many areas. It is prime opportunity to reinvest and revive the lands that was once a power in natural resources, manufacturing and agriculture. Dominant crops for production: corn, beans, peanuts, pecans, tomatoes, apples, oranges, watermelons, rice, cotton.

 Hope: There is no doubt along the east coast many hope to see manufacturing and agriculture production return to the region. As the world's manufacturing outlook shifts to new regions for production, it is perfect timing to make hope a reality. Invest capital, technology, training into agriculture development in the region. More importantly, many hope mother nature's hurricanes will not destroy their communities. With the uncertainty of climate change, it is just a matter of time before mother nature returns. 

What is the approximate size of your Place, in square kilometers? (New question, not required)


What is the estimated population (current 2020) in your Place?


Challenges: Describe the current (2020) and the future (2050) challenges that your food system faces.

Environment: Because of rapid climate change, the east coast can have an unusual changes in weather patterns over night. The east coast environment is vulnerable to hurricanes in which spawns tornadoes, damaging winds and torrential flooding. Hurricane seasons begins early and extends into the fall season. New technology has helped predict unstable weather patterns and tracking of potential powerful hurricanes. Utilizing data can help the BHN system better prepare ahead of this challenge.

Diets: The east coast has issues in its diet and nutrition food system. Foods high in fats, sodium and sugar are highly visible and affordable to purchase. Fast food chains are on every corner with affordable process foods. Healthy foods are available for choice but prices are high. Individuals and families cannot afford to purchase a balance of healthy foods. These poor food choices are having a major effect on youths health. As more youths become less active and intake unhealthy foods, the risk of early health problems arises. Diabetes and heart problems are on the rise in the ages of 20 and younger. A shift has begun in the overall food chain to design and produce healthier products. Plant base food and clearer ingredient labels are disrupting traditional food choices. This will continue into the future and hopefully create healthy balance food choices for consumers.

Economics: The east coast was hit extremely hard with mass exodus of product production and manufacturing to overseas competitors. No longer a production power has left a deep scare in its economic status. Over the decades rural areas have been unchanged and undeveloped.

Culture: The east coast is a melting pot of global cultures. Majority of the food groups can be found in the cuisines of these cultures. Popular Food groups- chicken, corn, beef, pastas, vegetables, eggs, beans, seafood. Each culture has its traditional recipes towards how these foods are prepared.

Technology: The 4th industrial revolution is disrupting everything in our past. New advancements in how we grow our foods, package our foods and prepare our foods are on a major disruption path. Food of the past will be replaced by innovative food discoveries and development. New advancement in Agri-tech are changing the landscape of how farms produce and harvest crops. Technology is helping farmers with autonomous harvesting and crop management. Advance technology will set a new directions for food production and distribution. Technology will play an important role in the evolution of food production now and into the future.

Policy: As crises, climate change and technology continue to disrupt our world, policies will also change. Future policies will need to change because old policies cannot support the new challenges that our world will face. If new policy are nor written into law, dire situations will not be resolved, many will suffer. It is a new beginning. And a new beginning needs new policies that reflects a positive outcome.  

Address the Challenges: Describe how your Vision will address the challenges described in the previous question.

Environment: BHN will use the power of its technology (Blockchain- IOT) to predict and help many with environmental challenges. Connecting data with environmental entities will give BHN important information to make key decisions on many levels. BHN data will be processed to understand where to invest in agriculture development along the east coast. The platform will use technology to help better food production even when mother nature or mother earth is not cooperating. Climate change is real and will continue to disrupt the east coast and our world. The BHN system is designed to prepare the east coast against environmental challenges such as hurricanes and torrential flooding. BHN's product & service platform can support many before, during and after environmental disasters. BHN's food system will be prepped and ready for distribution when mother nature strikes.

Diets: The BHN non perishable food system will produce core strategic choices of natural products for its retail outlets. BHN is not a producer of process or refrigerated food products. BHN products are based on longevity for shelve life and global shipments. BHN will distribute core basic foods such as packaged vegetables, nuts, fruits, beans, tuna, rice, etc.(See non perishable food list in attachment). The BHN system will offer consumers alternative choices to purchase natural healthy foods in single packaging or bulk. 

Economics: BHN is a circular hybrid economic platform. Investing in natural resources, agriculture, manufacturing and retail outlets to stream line its brand products to market. With this hybrid platform, BHN can build  a sustainable environment for communities. BHN offers opportunity in agriculture investments, product designing, manufacturing, retail development and technology. BHN gives communities opportunities for unlimited employment and sustainable resources. 

 Technology: BHN is very excited about the fourth industrial revolution. Integrating blockchain technology will connect its system to the world of data and IOT. Implementing blockchain to manage its food system will keep the platform in sync with global businesses. As the world evolves into digital currency, BHN's core system is built with blockchain. The system can except cryptocurrency investments and digital currency purchasing for its products. BHN retails offers fiat currency to cryptocurrency exchange. Technology will be intertwined throughout the BHN system. Every level of its platform is connected to some form of technology transformation. Connecting with technology in development of packaging, product designing, logistics and much more. BHN is committed to using its technology for good. Committed to creating innovative solutions to strategically help supply mankind with core necessities for sustainability. 

High Level Vision: With these challenges addressed, now provide a high level description of how the Place and the lives of its People will be different than they are now.

 BHN is the future of a strategic hybrid brand retail system and sustainable product distribution.The platform will use its product data system to supply sustainable solutions for community's core necessities. As the food chain production evolves, the BHN system will strategically distribute products where they are highly needed. BHN is committed to preparing the east coast with its services before, during and after natural disasters. BHN will establish its sustainable retail system along the east coast to support communities with core basic supplies. BHN is committed to investing into a consistent healthy non perishable food product system to help support the coast with sustainable solutions and services. BHN is a solution think tank and design company. The platform is created to evolve with challenges, uncertainty and hope. Using the power of its sustainable product solutions platform to consistently support mankind into the future. The BHN platform is designed to forever evolve with the human race. A unique platform the will attract great minds and passionate hearts to continue investing and developing BHN solutions for humanity beyond 2050, beyond earth.

Full Vision: How do you describe your Vision for a regenerative and nourishing food future for your Place and People for 2050?

BHN Inc. sustainable system for humanity 2050(Full Vision).

Environment: BHN blockchain data will evolve into the future.The system is designed to becomes smarter, using its data to make key decisions for humanity's environmental survival. Thus the platform will understand climate change and innovative food production on levels beyond the comprehension of mankind. Thus giving mankind high levels of insight towards environmental risks and sustainable solutions. If climate change continues on its upward path, it's unimaginable what our environment will be like by 2050. Overall BHN is committed to building a powerful sustainable system for the future of humanity.  

Diets: BHN's core food production will expand into the future and around the world. Developing new natural food solutions for its global retail outlets. By 2050 the BHN system will be systematically connected globally. Offering consumers more natural healthy food choices produced from around the world. BHN's future mission is to conquer a large percentage the market to offer healthy non perishable foods throughout its system. Also to continue being a sustainable non perishable food distribution system for the world in time of natural disasters. 

Economics: BHN Inc. is a circular hybrid sustainable product system for humanity. Its business model is an economic platform that can have lasting sustainable impact on communities and nations around the world. A complete circle of farming/agriculture, food product development, design, manufacturing and retail distribution. The business model creates a complete circular economic system that can support communities on many levels self inefficiency. BHN is a much needed service solutions for the future of emerging communities as well as established communities. 

Culture: BHN Inc.-Basic Human Needs is an international language for all cultures.The name in any language are words of sustainability, support and hope. Cultures will accept and understand the system is designed to help sustain all with its products and services. BHN's business model is passionate towards product and service support for all cultures. The platform understands the need to empower communities with sustainable resources and services at all times. Whether its production of canned beans or human work force, BHN Inc. connects with global cultures to help build productive communities for a productive sustainable future. 

Technology: BHN Inc. Future goal; to use its blockchain system data to build an autonomous BHN AI platform. To create a smart autonomous BHN AI brain that serves mankind on all levels of sustainability. The fourth industrial revolution will take products and service to unlimited territory by 2050. BHN AI will incorporated its creative solutions into focused areas of its system. Helping mankind solve complex challenges in food production and product development. BHN AI will become a smart designer and developer in all aspects of food development. Creating new solutions to help solve challenges to mankind's food shortages and agriculture development. BHN AI will foresee creating hybrid foods that can survive with the future of climate change. In 2050 digital currency will be king or non existent. Either way the BHN platform is deigned to survive with technology and without technology. If global currencies crash, BHN products will be become new the currency in demand. The BHN platform will consistently be in digital transformation far into the future. For technology is a continuous energy that is never ending. 

  Policies: In the world of Basic Human Needs, BHN will become a major voice in policies for humanity. BHN's hard works throughout the decades will be a track record of accomplishments that supported mankind. The world will build off old policies and construct new polices that will be beneficial for the future of the human race. Technology will have a major impact in new policies of the future. For it will reorganize the data, hopefully in a logical humane manner.

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