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Simple technology that utilises symbols rather than words to quickly gain feedback from a wide range of people.

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Inspired by the posts about people over fifty in the US who struggle with financial terminology.

I started thinking about something that is more universally understood - symbols!

The best example I could think of the use of symbols to get information are the new feedback machines at airports. 

After going through airport security in the UK, Spain and Vienna I have encountered one of these freestanding machines. They have four faces on them - - to denote different emotional states. You press down on the symbol that reflects your experience of airport security. 

It is quick, simple and is universally understood. 

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What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Can we use symbols and other forms of non-written communication to explain complex financial information to a wide range of people? How can we make financial information and financial education more fun and engaging?

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