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Property Partner

Crowdfunding platform where people buy a small slice of a rental property for as little as £50

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Property Partner is a way for multiple people to own a small stake in a property or properties.  

How does it work?

"Property Partner finds a house — or more likely an entire development and it often buys in bulk — negotiates a deal with the seller and then posts the property on its website once it has exchanged on the deal. Property Partner pays the deposit from its balance sheet and underwrites the deal but the idea is that investors stump up the whole price.

Investors get a chunk of the rental income proportionate to their shareholding and also benefiting from any increase in property value. Independent assessors periodically revalue the properties, adjusting share prices accordingly.

Property Partner takes care of maintaining the rental property, hiring a third party firm to act as landlord.

Property Partner takes 10.5% plus VAT of rents and sets aside some of the money to cover things like a period of vacancy at a property or expected maintenance.

In the case of unexpected or uninsured costs, the company may take a loan out against the property and repayments are deducted from rent payments to investors."

Taken from this article in Business Insider

There are also crowdfunding mortgage sites e.g. Landbay and LendInvest.

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