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Money as a tool of consciousness

But what is our relationship with money really? How can money help us become more conscious? How to include money to help in our growth?

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The most insightful learning I had about money was with Peter Koenig, dedicated on studies and lectures about this topic.

Why insightful? Our psychological and behavior patterns affect the way we relate to money.

Many of us have been brought up to ideas about money that don’t fit our goals, dreams and ambitions well; it’s a big challenge to bring the relationship with money into awareness, to notice where we react, what we have to claim and embody a new understanding in order to meet our needs according to circumstances we face.

If we associate a positive quality to money, we usually associate our feeling of being enough/complete/secure/whatever we feel…to the fact of having money. What’s your feeling behind money?

Most of us carry lots of limiting beliefs on money such as "if you want to do what you want, you need to earn money firstly", "if you want to have money, you have to work hard". Are these beliefs really true? Does earn money really mean do what you wish to? What are the energies felt chasing the feeling of never having enough?

What I learned and practiced at the KaosPilot from Peter Koenig, is that what we really want is to live our lives and do the things we love with and without money. And each of us needs to find out what we need and want for our dreams to be implemented. And pay attention to the relationship with money, but not running after it only. That is simply stressful. As Peter Koenig expressed from his 35 years of research on the topic:

“In the end, you can have either pleasure or agony, both in credit or in debt“.

So a simple exercise you can do is this: imagine yourself being dead right now and ask yourself the question “what is my life about?“. What would really matter for you after your whole life?


How can we use money as a tool for consciousness?

Peter Koenig: 'moneywork' and Money Seminars

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

To reflect upon the psychological and behavioral patterns we carry around money? What are our associations towards money? Does the way we perceive money help us to achieve what we aim for?

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Student at Kaospilots Switzerland. Travel blogger. Passionated by design thinking and get hands dirty!

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