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Living in Asia at age 50+ is likely to achieve their dream easier?

Moving to lower cost and expense countries would gain the change to achieve their retirement dreams.

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I have got a chance to interview retired American couple who have settled in Thailand after their retirement. They said that their dream is to live in beautiful climate, cultural experience, and affordable healthcare with lower cost of living. Their destination is Thailand, where is small country in southern Asia. The living cost in Thailand is lower than New York with more than 10 times; they said. With the same amount of money, they can afford more activities, travel, and even access the good private healthcare services. However, the uncertainty of exchange rate can affect the cost of money.  The big issue of foreigner who intend to live in Asia is security. Thailand is peaceful and they said you need to know where to go and where not to go, do not take yourself into the risk.

Thailand provides the retirement visa that the foreigners should put saving about $25,000 into Thai bank account and income of $2,000 monthly. With this amount of money, the couple can access the basic accommodation and comfortable lifestyle. This provide the basic pictures how much they need for settle in Thailand (as example). Thailand allows the foreigner to invest the local business with less than 50% share with Thai citizens. With about $50,000, the couple can travel the whole years in Thailand and will left $25,000 by end of the year. In other ways, they can think of starting some business in Thailand to achieve their dream with less cost of investment, lower cooperate tax compared to western country. Only one concern is you may need to learn Thai language.

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Sutita : Very interesting post! I found it insightful to know that "aging" has been identified as a tourist/ future investment opportunity by governments. Are there other age-friendly countries such as Thailand?  What kind of ownership do they have in Thai businesses? Is the couple you interviewed have other priorities such as savings, security, families? I am assuming their children were settled before they decided to retire in Thailand?

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Thank Jaskeerat Bedi, 

they have English tutor business with their Thai friend.  With low living expense, they do not need to work much as long as they live normal life style. Some couple may like luxury lifestyle so they need to consider to invest larger business. I found that They just want to enjoy their life, relax, and work a little bit.  Yes, their children have their own family so they do not need to worry too much. 

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