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Investment Education for Ages 50+

Securing your future dreams and aspirations come by way of investing, so lets ensure that Ages 50+ are knowledgable about the markets.

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After interviewing my elder grandmother and her friends, all ages 65+, it became clear that they all had things they still wanted to accomplish, but also that they didn't know how to finically back those ventures. After retirement the steady stream of paychecks end, and then you usually have to rely on your bank account or retirement funds. But what do you do when they run out of sufficient funds? This central question paired with another finding that the interview shed light on can go forward to create a solution. All of the interviewees also commented that they do not know about the markets, and that is why they are not able to leverage stocks and bonds to add another stream of income. It is clear that there is an area for massive growth and learning for elders in the neighborhood of the markets and investments. 

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Many new companies are focusing on targeting young consumers so they can stay with the company for a long time; which is a valid strategy. But by doing that, they are neglecting a big market share that elders hold. Young people already have jobs and a steady source of income. But elders are the ones who NEED help creating wealth so they can chase their dreams too.

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I am currently a Senior at the University of Texas, majoring in Management Information Systems.

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  • I'm not currently involved in a credit union, but am curious to learn more!


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Great post Faizan! I was wondering if you can share some more challenges faced by elderly people. 

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