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Interview with the daughter of over-fifties

Interview with a girl whose parents are over 50s

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Today, I interviewed with a girl whose parents are over fifties to find out what is her parents' view towards to bank. The girl is from Texas, working and study in New York.

Can you come up with an aspect that your parents like mostly in banking things?

They like to use online banking because it is convenient for them. For example, They would like to buy something from Amazon, making a payment online; Sometimes making a money transfer or pay for some living expenses (like gas and electric fees).

So how about bank? Did your parents mention some best aspects in a bank they think when you chatting? (the most interesting/fun part)

Not the most interesting part, but they thought about the most useful part in a bank is ATM. Because ATM is open 24 hours, and they only go to bank to cash checks, so that they are able to do this whenever they drive through the bank, not limited by the working hours.

What is the most common way your parents pay for bills? And whom they make money transfer mostly?

They use bill pay online mostly. And I think they make money transfer to me mostly. (Children are the person they care about most in financial aspect.)

From which aspects do you think you are better than your parents? (In which way do their age limit them from your opinion?)

I think the aspect their age limit them is that sometimes they are unlikely to try new methods and are persist in their habits. For example, as for the check things I mention previously, I use my phone to deposit checks while they still go to the ATM to do this.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Find out what is the most important reason people over fifties go to bank and what is the most common way they use to make a payment.

Tell us about your work experience:

I'm a grad student in Integrated digital media in NYU

Specifically, please check all that apply:

  • I'm not currently involved in a credit union, but am curious to learn more!

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HI Shuang Liang!

Thank you for your post. It is interesting that they go to the ATM for most things even when they could use alternatives that don't involve leaving the house. Do you think the ATM could offer different products and services for them?

Also, the ideas phase starts in two days. I hope to see you there. You have been a very valuable contributor to the research phase. We appreciate it.