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Interview with bankers

Interview with 2 bankers in China

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This week, I contact with 2 bankers in China. The first one is called Jiaqing, working in Beijing Bank and the other one is called Yuan, working in Postal Saving Bank of China. They have both worked for around ten years, and always help aging person to solve some banking problems.

Do your bank have some devices or service for customers when they come to the bank?

The bank provide some tools in a box, which could help older person on some aspects. For example, there is reading glasses and some emergency drug, like Instant Cardio-Reliever Pill, Adhesive bandage, etc. And there is a bank manager-who is responsible for aging people only-help them to fill the form and introduce them the new financial products and some equipments.

How about people over 50 think about using ATM?

As for people between 50 to 60, they like to use ATM because they see ATM as a convenient tool for them. However, Most of the older people don't like to use this. The most common reason they mentioned is that they think it is not safe enough or they dislike the user interface of ATM-too complicated for them.

Did people over 50s complaints something to you? About which aspect mostly?

The time they waiting for the bank service.

Could you come up with a common topic they chat with you?

Most of aging people care about the guaranteed financial products. Though the interest is not as much as other kinds of product, it is convenient for them and make them feel safety from some certain aspects.

Do people over 50s have their online banking account? Is there any common question related to their payments?

Yes, almost everyone have their own online banking account. The bank manager teaches them about how to use online banking, how to buy financial products online and how to make payments online, etc. But most aging people still don't use online banking by theirselves, but they can use it with their son or daughter's help. About 70 percent of aging people think it is hard for them to learn online banking. The most common way they make payments is cash and debit card.

What is the most common relations people over 50s likely to make a transfer to? What’s the common aspect they spend money on?

Since the banker could only check the transfer people made by banking card, so as for the card transferring part, aging people make transfers to their grandchildren (if they are between 15-25) most. And the most common aspect aging people spend money on is some basic part (living expenses).

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Some aging people who love to live a simple life may care more about some basic parts of life. Most of aging people have online banking account, but they don't like to use it by theirselves. Many old people interested in guaranteed financial products. So could we make any change on these parts of banking (towards to the people over 50s)?

Tell us about your work experience:

I am a grad student of Integrated Digital Media in New York University.


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Thanks Shuang for sharing these insights. I find interesting the advising role played by the bankers. It reminded me of Lillian J Warner I'm curious to understand what exactly the waiting time issue. 

Photo of Shuang Liang

Thanks! As for the waiting time issues, I mean sometimes they want to buy guaranteed financial products or have some problems related to their account, and they need to wait in line to chat with a bank teller.

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