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Instant Gratification

Saving money for the near future instead of retirement can give more meaning to our money.

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When interviewing people about their goals and dreams, I thought about the famous Ted talk by Stefan Sagmeister, "The Power of Time Off". One thing on almost everyone's bucket list was to travel. Some wanted to travel to Rome or Greece to trace back their family roots or travel to Hawaii to relax. However, one story that stood out to me was a woman who was already living out her dream. She had already been all around the world and was still dreaming on where to go next. In comparison, others only had dreams and haven't yet taken steps to follow them.

Back to the Ted talk, I thought about Sagmeister's company and their routine sabbaticals. His idea was to retire six years later than anticipated, and spread out those years as periods of discovery and rest. Every seven years, his company takes a year off. This might not be possible to do for everyone, but we can learn something from this. I think a lot of the time we push off our dreams and our goals, saving for retirement that seems so far away. 

We live in a world of immediate gratification. We post something online and instantly we get three likes. We pay $3 and instantly we get our coffee. Saving the $3 instead of buying coffee isn't satisfying, let's be honest. We often don't get excited about saving because it's not going towards anything, it's delayed gratification. What if we look at retirement and money differently by having immediate gratification and short term results?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Add up the small purchases you make and the things you can live without. See what you want to cross off your bucket list, and how you can save for the near future. It may be easier to save money if you have a goal or motivation to save:

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Is there a firm that sells flight tickets over the turkey where I can buy plane tickets reliably in the nearest future? I found a corporate company.

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