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Examples of "Above and Beyond" Customer Service

Credit Unions are community-focused financial institutions. Here are some examples of outstanding customer service in other sectors.

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Inspired by @Adhish where he really got to know the locals while Door 2 Door Serving Meals and @Anne-Laure Fayard post on lessons learnt from the relationship between hairdressers and their customers, I started to really think about customer service. 

I started researching for above and beyond examples of customer service in other sectors. I am hoping this might inspire some ideas and thoughts on how Credit Unions can offer additional products and services to better meet the needs of their members.

1. "Trader Joe's sent someone out in a winter storm to bring food to my grandfather for no charge. 

My mom is very worried about my grandfather, age 89. He's a retired engineer and a navy edited army to navy officer officer of WWII who lives on his own in an apartment complex. He hardly keeps enough food for himself because he feels as though he can drive out whenever he's hungry (and live off of cereal and prune juice). The problem is that he got snowed in today. He told my mom that one day without food couldn't hurt, but my mom would not accept that. She ended up calling a bunch of places trying to find one that would deliver to him. She eventually ended up asking if Trader Joe's did delivery and they told her they could in this instance. She read out a big order and then proceeded to ask them how she should pay. They told there was no need to pay and said, "Merry Christmas!" Trader Joe's doesn't do delivery, nor give food out for free normally. I'm glad to see people out in the world care about strangers and help out."

Taken from Reddit

2. Responding to customer's social media request

"While getting ready to board a flight after a gruelling day of traveling, author and business consultant Peter Shankman joked on Twitter that he would be starving by the time he landed. He tweeted restaurant favourite Morton’s Porterhouse, saying: “Hey, @Mortons – can you meet me at newark airport with a porterhouse when I land in two hours? K, thanks. :)” 

Bear in mind that it was no easy feat to track down his flight information, figure out where he was landing, and then drive 23.5 miles after making food. But imagine Shankman’s surprise when he got off the plane to find a tuxedoed gentleman holding a bag that contained a 24 oz, shrimp, potatoes, bread, napkins and silverware. "

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3. Give a unique service

"Now known across the globe, Michael from Netflix was an instant success! Subscriber Norm contacted the company about a problem he was having with an episode of Parks and Rec. In the middle of the episode, the video player would get stuck and then continuously played the last three seconds in a loop. His chosen way of contacting the company: through the company’s chat service. Michael was the one that answered to his plight, beginning by introducing himself as “Captain Mike of the good ship Netflix” and then asking which member of the crew he was speaking with. “Lieutenant” Norm, obviously a Star Trek fan, responded as if he was a ranking Star Fleet officer.

With the exception of the first two lines, neither side broke character for the duration of the conversation."

Taken from

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Credit Unions are all about serving the community, especially at the local level through its staff in the local area, the wider organisation and its members. How can credit unions provide a better service to its members? How can Credit Unions bring communities together?

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