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Different design for different group of people

Using different ways to help people in different age group. & The way we collect information.

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As we talk about people over 50s, it includes many different groups of people, and the lifestyle of each group is different as well. Baby boomers is a special group of people in "over-fifties".

Datagraphic points out that most of today’s technology was developed during the Baby Boomer’s lifetimes. From mobile phones to the Internet, this generation have grown up with technology and the viewpoint that it will improve their lives. So when we design services for people over 50s, maybe it will be better to design different for different group of them or give them some options to choose. For example, for baby boomers, they may likely to accept to use some digital banking products to deal with their money, while the older people may prefer to go to bank and chat with bank tellers about their problem.

Also, Datagraphic claims that a research study found that 92% of those aged over 50 use  online social media. And 81% of the 3,012 surveyed said that they check Facebook more than once a day. From this part, I think maybe banks can use the database of these social media to find out what is the dream of aging people. In other words, people are likely to post something that really interest them, so what banks can do is that they could find out what is the keywords related to the posts from people over fifties, and further find out something close to their dreams.


What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Banks could focus on specificity of different groups of people over fifties when they design a service for them. And information on social media is a good way for banks to find out what is their customers' really need.

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I'm a first-year grad student in Integrated Digital Media in New York University.


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