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Comparing Robo-Advisers for Retirees

Very interested in how "robo-advisors" are changing the Financial Services industry, especially for my parents' generation.

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I began using automated investing services like Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns, Digit, ect. about 2 years ago and honestly feel like it has helped me balance lifestyle and savings goals. However, explaining this type of strategy to my parents and their friends has been quite challenging. I'm interested in any way to help them streamline their savings/investing processes. 

This article has helped me have the conversation: 

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I have worked for 6 years within Financial Services and Investment Banking. Currently, I work in Corporate Finance at a software company and own my own business.

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  • I'm currently a member of a credit union


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Hi Ryan!

Thank you for your post. Roboadvisors was also mentioned by  Tom Short here - in the contact of there being roboadvisors for investments but not for planning and managing withdrawals in retirement.

Are there any analogies/analogous situations to the use of roboadvisors in your parents' lives? What do they use as their main sources of information for financial matters?

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My parents main source of information is still very "old school". My Father reads magazines like Barrons & Kiplingers. They also stay up-to-date with the business sections of popular newspapers like Wall Street Journal and the Houston Chronicle (our local paper). I introduced him to Robo-advisors when they began talking about Tax-Loss Harvesting since at this point in their lives the main concern is preservation of capital and offsetting taxes. I noticed the new companies like Betterment and Wealthfront tout their tax loss harvesting capabilities quite a lot. 

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Hi Ryan!

The ideas phase of this challenge is open for another two weeks. I hope to see your ideas there.

This is the link to where you can post your ideas -

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Here's one from Wingee Sin : !!

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