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Changing something on digital banking for people over 50s

How banks make their online banking/app to be more aging-friendly.

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By 2020, the population of people over 50s will be over thirty-five percent. And the size of the 50 plus population will more than double in the next 35 years. Based on this data, banks may need to change or add some elements on their online banking or banking app.

In the research of Smashing Magazine, older people consistently described phones as "annoying" and "fiddly", but they are not afraid to try new technology when they see a clear benefit. Smashing Magazine also focus on the user interface design toward aging person, and it points out that it can be easier for aging people to use digital products if these products improved from some aspects as followed.

-Visual & Audio design (font size & contrast ratios & avoid blue &)

-Button design (distance & method to use & guideline size)

-Device use & information conveyance methods

-Security question design (take their life stage into consideration)

-Based on the experience with technology of aging people (Don’t make assumptions about prior knowledge)

-Content design on each page (think of different kinds of memories affected by aging process & use some cues)


What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Sometimes, the reason why older people refuse to use online banking or banking app is because the user interface is designed for younger person, not them, and these older people find it hard for them to use (like vision design or interaction content, etc). Banks should take aging people's need into account when they design for the interface system, and make the it smarter for people over 50s.

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I'm a first-year master's degree student of Integrated Digital Media in New York University.


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This article is nice. You have shared some more information about digital banking which is good and useful as well. As everybody knows, nowadays most of the people using digital banking so, for sure this article would help them to get more ideas and information about digital banking. (

Thank you for the nice article

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Yes, very good points. Here are some longer reads on UX design for elderly: 

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Thanks Spencer!

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Hi Shuang Liang!

Thank you for your insightful post!

In your opinion, what app / website is easy for the over-fifties to use?

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Actually, I haven't found an app or a website totally match these suggestions. But I think there is some of them looks better than the others from some aspects. For example, the app Med Helper is a good one on its interface, because the interface is simple designed, it's helpful and it seems easy for over-50s to use.