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ATM Observation

Observations of users at a Chase ATM.

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To get some knowledge about people's experience I hung out at Chase Banks ATM on Myrtle avenue and observed people's experience with the machines. First thing I noticed that people were not happy about someone observing them while dealing with money. I am not sure if this is a safety or privacy issue, some people were more concerned with others not seeing their statement then protecting their pin code.

Another thing I noticed is people sometimes struggled with entering their cards. The ATMs now take cards with both chips and magnetic strips, and one you need to leave the card in to read and the other you dip. Multiple people ran into this problem and were getting a bit frustrated before even beginning their transaction.

Without getting to close to the customers I tried to learn about their behavior. Most people were at the ATM alone, but some also had friends with them. One elderly couple I overheard was talking about security and this seemed to be an important concern to them.

Besides what I have mentioned above, the main observation I made was the absence of elderly people at the ATM. It seems the older users at Chase preferred waiting for a personal banker, as opposed to using the ATM. This leads me to believe that they may find the ATMs intimidating and prefer to speak to someone face to face.   

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Elderly people did not seem to use the ATM.

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Great observation. What steps can we take to resolve this lack of use of ATM's by elderly people?

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