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Amicable - helps couples to reach fairer agreements when separating or divorcing

App: combines emotional support & legal info with tools so the couple do all the admin so they can apply to a court to be legally separated

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"While overall divorce rates are falling in the US, the number of over-fifties filing for divorce has doubled since 1990 and now account for a quarter of al divorcees. The rate has increased by a third for the over-sixties. "

Taken from this article in Daily Mail. 

Divorce can be lengthy and costly, especially if lawyers are involved. 

"The founders of amicable claim the groundwork for divorce can be completed for “tens of pounds” per month rather than thousands in legal bills, as long as both parties are reasonable enough to communicate with each other, rather than lawyers.

The app combines emotional support and legal information with the tools to allow a couple to do all the administration required to get to the point where they can apply to a court to be legally separated. This includes disclosing assets and agreeing how they will be shared, as well as new living and co-parenting arrangements.

This self-service approach can save a fortune compared to talking through lawyers.

 It will be billed per person per month, with the average subscription expected to last three to six months before the process is complete."

“There are three stages to divorce and the first two can be done at very low cost if both parties are reasonable,” says Wilson (co-founder).

“We can help with the disclosure and arrangement stages. It’s basically a load of admin that you don’t need to pay a lawyer a couple of hundred pounds an hour to do. Even if one party ends up being completely unreasonable and the process can’t be completed on the app but has to go to a lawyer in the early stages, each partner can download their information from the app rather than pay for a solicitor to begin the process from scratch.”

"With finances as well as living and parental issues to deal with, the app can link up to a legal firm the developers have partnered with. This means couples can formalise what they have agreed in a consent order – which needs to be in place for the paperwork to go through court before a decree nissi and then decree absolute can be obtained. The total legal cost, when using amicable’s partners, is around £1,200.

“The way things stand, the only way to complete the third part of divorce is through a lawyer,” says Daly. “We offer guidance and a lawyer so couples simply send the paperwork via the app to them. We’re hoping to get the fees reduced at some stage but nearly half of the legal fees are court charges and so are unavoidable, no matter what route you take.”

Taken from this article in The Guardian. 

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