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When entered the age of the elderly, I was shocked by precisely many activities must be attended. This activity turned out to require funds

Anyway we create a light work, not so draining the time and effort.

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While still busy working a lot of familial and social activities are missed. And people understand the busy work of our routine.

When I entered the age of the elderly, I was shocked by precisely so many activities that must be attended. And .. this activity turned out to require funds that are not small.
Hoping after retirement will have fun with pensions and deposit interest was misses out of estimates.

We must visit the sick, and bring something. Number of events to attend, weddings, birthdays and tea time in the morning with friends, lunch together, dinner together, charity events and so on.

Whether you want it or not we must be driven to do it all with style. At this age we will have another lifestyle. I responded by increasing my income. Utilizing new acquaintances, socializing with them as well as we carry goods that are needed daily such as laundry soap, bath soap, toothpaste, cosmetics and others by way of multi-level marketing.

As a public relations, I initiated fund-raising by inviting friends to donate items such as unused books but still useful to others, donating a bottle of wine, or something like that.
Apparently we can address the way of life at this age with style and at the same time care to others. We can socialize with friends, attend all sorts of events
And also not financially short.
We also have money for friends who need money in emergency situations. In a state of sickness or grief. We share our joys and sorrows.

We also bring together people who need land or house with the owner and manage the sale by purchasing a commission.
Anyway we create a light work, not so draining the time and effort.

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Dear Flex,
Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciated that. Thank you again.
But I want you to know that I really do not want to spend my old days just for playing for my self, but want to create activities that benefit others to inspire them and be blessing.
That is why I'am trying to improve myself, inspiring many people that the long life that GOD gave has meaning that our lifes can still be useful for others. Thank you.

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