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If the education and physical strength of older people are less then the power of imagination is much higher.

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Older people deserve respect. As a result, they are witnesses of past history. They dreamed for a new generation. The glory of the new generation works tirelessly to deliver a bright future. They have to lose the responsibility of happiness and prosperity of the new generation. But the dream does not end. Look at the face of the new species. Maybe they will win this war. Many things we do not know do not see them standing in their hands. Today, I have been able to earn a big degree because I have learned to write to the elementary school teacher. Many skills and knowledge will be easier to follow and follow the guidance of older people. It will be possible to simplify the path to achievement. We will continue to strive to build a prosperous country and nation with old people in all respects, in order to make old people's dreams a priority, and to make their unfinished dreams a reality.And when they realize that the youths are far ahead, the leadership will be handed over to the youths. Only then will it be easy to achieve the goals of  SDG .

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