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Employer's appreciation

It should be one of the important roles of every employer to appreciate their old age employees.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it support the dreams and obligations of those 50 and older?

It is for those individuals having an age of 50 or more who have provided their services to their employers.

The one thing employers can do to appreciate their employee is to provide social praise and communicate clearly the positive impact the employee had and acknowledge where an employee went above and beyond their jobs description. 

The employee who serves their employers by giving his/her good time of life is liable to get some appreciation from the other end. The appreciation could be monetary,tangible asset or scholarship for children.

Apart from official benefits, employers can offer some good financial services to their employees as per their career graph.

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I am a Ph.D. holder and entrepreneur related to environment science.

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  • I'm not currently involved in a credit union, but am curious to learn more!

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Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Sukumar!

Thank you for sharing your idea. 

Do you see a role of credit unions in your idea?

Would you elaborate more on "employers can offer some good financial services to their employees as per their career graph"?

Photo of Dr. Sukumar Kar

Hello Kate,
Thanks for your query. No, I don't think any role of a credit union.
For your second question, I would say that every employer has employees with different expertise and experience and they can appreciate &/or reward their employees after retirement as per their knowledge,skills,performance through- out the service tenure.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Sukumar.
Would this employee appreciation be for company loyalty, working for a period of time, or just for one's age?  There is a publishing company based in NYC that gives employees a free trip anywhere in the world for their 25th year anniversary with the company, which for most would be after their 50th birthday.  I think it is an amazing benefit!

Photo of Dr. Sukumar Kar

Hello Bettina Fliegel, thank you for your question.  Well, I think this is an idea which can be used for all ..that are company loyalty, working for a period of time, or just for one's age. Here I would like to say that any employee who has devoted his/her good time of life to the company should be eligible for getting a benefit of financial services.

Photo of Varun Singh

well, it's a good one. If the employers start using this then the people of age 45 or more than that can be more beneficial for their fulfillment of dreams.

Photo of Pabitra  Bandyopadhyay

Very nice idea....touching and creative for elderly age....

Photo of The Envisioneer

I have worked at two fortune 100 companies that do appreciate their employees for how long they have worked at the company. But in neither instance did they receive any type of financial gain to support their dreams and obligations.

With this idea, would the employer provide some type of financial reward as a way of showing their appreciation?

Photo of Dr. Sukumar Kar

I think this kind of idea should be adopted by the employers. It is one of the way to motivate the employees.

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Congrats on this being today's Featured Contribution!