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Dreams Change

Raising Awareness to Empower People over 50 towards fulfilling their Dreams and Control their Purpose.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it support the dreams and obligations of those 50 and older?

Weekly Workshops supported by Charity funding and sponsored by organisations, will be conducted and aimed at connecting those who are 50+ within local communities. The idea is for them to share knowledge and experiences with one another, build relationships and enable themselves to make educated decisions.
“I worry about my kid’s financial future and not mine necessarily”

Our campaign looks at celebrating and reinforcing the idea that dreams can become reality and teaches individuals the tools needed to empower themselves to regain control of their aspirations.

This concept in designed to create a supportive network of contemporaries and give them an appropriate platform on which to gain the correct skills as well as the confidence to find solutions and direction to support their dreams.

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'Dreams change’ will be introduced into local communities and begin to connect the public, inviting them to meet in such locations as the Town hall, Libraries, Community centres and Churches where, aided by each other, can begin to; share experiences, knowledge and insight to help one another in their quest.
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The scheme will be supported by volunteers who may be seeking work experience and an opportunity to learn transferable skills. University students may be an example of an appropriate volunteer as they can offer realistic, helpful and insightful advice.

Our campaign seeks to connect people from the community to one another to work hand-in-hand as a collective. This will allow people to really feel in control of their own future.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

From research we have conducted already we feel that the best way to endorse our concept is to place adverts in local newspapers promoting the desire to run a small pilot workshop at our local Library. We are confident that this advertisement will appeal to those who meet our demographic.

Tell us about your work experience:

We are a team of Product Design students from Middlesex University, London. Our team is made up from a range of experience, from first year students just starting out to final year students preparing for life in Industry.

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm
  • A student collaboration
  • A Design Jam


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Photo of Benjamin Plass

I really like the use of the video it is very captervating. I also like the idea of possible linking up with universities to help them advertise to their students about the possible work experince they could gain by doing this to help the 50+'s

Photo of Brigite Nabais

Dreams change is a very captivating idea! I like the all idea of them being able to share with each other.
Well done team

Photo of Emmanuel Mafuta

Thank you very much Brigite! we really appreciate your comment (y)

Photo of Yee Ting (Christy) Chan

Very nice video!! it presents the idea very clearly.
I think this will be a very good opportunity for University students to work there, especially the student who studies Social Work. How about getting students for internship??

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Tom and team! Thank you for sharing your team’s idea. You clearly have done a lot of research, which is fantastic. I like the community-based approached which is in line with the core values of a credit union. How do you see the role of credit unions in your idea? Could this idea work in the USA? How would you check the validity of the advice given to the 50 - 65-year-olds? I just want to highlight a few ideas in this challenge and a few posts in the research phase that might help you push your idea to the next stage and might provide valuable connections or inputs. In the ideas phase: Financial Knowledge Brokering Service, which also mentions the use of libraries - posted by Sai Yeluru  In the research phase: Capital One Cafe - a new kind of bank, one that's built on community, innovation, and support - posted by Crystal Senior Expos -
Clubs for Retired People in the UK: Probus and U3A -

Photo of Kyren Whymes

Hello Kate, thank you for your comments. The research posts you have provided have some really great information. To answer some of your questions, we have planned to have credit unions to help support the program as a sponsor ,with either knowledge and/or volunteers who may be interested in working for such companies. The validity would be checked through the volunteers who we would describe as experts, or highly knowledgeable people who wish to contribute and have, preferably, worked in the required areas

In regards to expanding the service to the USA, this could be possible after having read "Clubs for Retired People in the UK: Probus and U3A" Though researching further into the needs of American over 50s would help ensure if it is possible in a way similar to this type of club.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Kyren!

I have just done a bit of research into the US market. The U3A also exists in America - I think Book Clubs could also be an option. 

I would suggest considering the  American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) - 

Photo of Christophe Parot

It will be easier to follow your dreams with a basic income !

Photo of Kyren Whymes

Thanks Christophe, This could be a great way to actively pursue dreams if finance is an issue. 

Photo of Betul Salman

Interesting concept. I think your  concept could work great with retiered individuals as it gives an option for a fun activity.
excelent videos and explanations.

think more about the advertising technique you are using. Are you saying that newspaper advertising is the only way to advertise? I think you should expand and look for more advertising platforms than sticking to one advertising platform.
think about how long it takes for a paper to be published?
is newspaper reads increasing or decreasing, are people moving more online now?
think about if people actually read all the adverts on the news paper or do they skip though them, how effective is newspaper advertising compared to other platforms. how likely will people act upon the newspaper adverts? How affective is it?
also when mentioning advertising, who is paying for the advertising? Maybe something to mention.

how about a advertising though facebook fan page?

Photo of Kyren Whymes

Hi Betul, thanks for the comments. We mentioned newspapers as are primary way to advertise but not the only way. We noticed that reading was one of the most popular ways over 50s got their information from, as opposed to online. We chose newspapers as they can be targeted at specific communities or towns. Other platforms could be used to help such as Facebook or television ads.
To answer your other question, newspapers tend to be published everyday or weekly, depending on the paper.

We had planned for the service to be funded by charities and the communities that it helps and that is how the advertisements would be paid for. I think your idea is great and further research into effective advertising would be beneficial for this project to ensure it is seen and whether people will respond to advertising through newspapers and online.