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Dreamity – Agents that seek free dreams for you (updated 9 dec)

A platform which will allow over 50's to be more positive about achieving their ‘unachievable’ dreams.

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it support the dreams and obligations of those 50 and older?

Dreamity is a platform where 50+ individuals can get agents that finds them dreams from people of the public community willing to offer the dream and experience for free. This will give them a chance to focus more about their obligations while maintaining their dreams

“I want to live by the Sea”

Dreamity is a platform which will assist the exchange of experiences to let over 50s fulfil their dreams. The main purpose of Dreamity is to allow charities, volunteers from the community and businesses to offer free services in the form of activities at no cost to over 50s, making their dreams come true.

The employers at Dreamity, the dream seekers, will work with the individual to identify their needs and what dreams they have and the possibilities. The Agents would look though the online database or seek people who would offer the dream for the individual.

When the offer is available the dream seeker would contact the individual for availability and get their dream achieved

What kind of dreams?

The dream would be experience based dreams such as:


-having dinner with a family on Christmas

-sport activity like sky diving  

-cooking lesson

-a trip.

Why would someone give out free experiences and what will they get back out of it?

Dreamity website would run on a point system which there would be a yearly medal to be won by the account that precipitates most in giving out dreams and has a higher quality rank.

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As for companies or small businesses, by giving out a free experience they would benefit though advertising their business on the website and the database.

How do we motivate the dream seekers (agents)?

The website would have advertising which would create an income for the agents at dreamity.

How do we stop people from abusing the platform?

Approving accounts

People who join to offer a dream would have a code sent to their home address when they make their account to approve their account.

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As the dreams are free for anyone over the age of 50, each dream would have different values and there would be a limit on the type of “star” dreams you could have for a set time. Star dreams tend to be more expensive dreams

Approving attendance

The dream seekers would need to contact the person making the offer and the individual seeking the dream to approve their attendance.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

We could always experiment with relatives and friends by asking if one would be available to offer a dream to another person and get feedback from both ends.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

We would like some suggestions about how to make the idea more feasible and ideas for experimentation.

Tell us about your work experience:

We are six product design students at Middlesex university ranging from first, second and third years.

Please check all that apply:

  • I'm not currently involved in a credit union, but am curious to learn more!

This idea emerged from

  • A group brainstorm
  • A student collaboration


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The idea of helping the elderly acheive their dreams for free becuase of people good will and generousity is a very intriguing concept and would very interesting to see where your idea will go.

Photo of Yee Ting (Christy) Chan

Hi Betul and team,
what kind of companies and individuals would advertise it for a small fee?
is there a particular company that you are planning to work with ? for example, for traveling dreams, you might look into travel agency?

Photo of Betul Salman

Hello christy, for our platform anyone could post their listing and offer a free activity in which the individual over 50+ would chose which offer they want to take.
looking into travel agencies for inspiration is a great idea. We looked though processes of estate agencies and the processes and tried to implement the process here.
Our idea is different to a travel agency as dreamity sits down and talks to the individual and finds activities similar to dreams. A travel agency would only deal with traveling however we are aiming for a diverse types of dreams like a sports activity, dinner with someone etc

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Hi Betul and team, this idea is very clearly presented. To help bring it to the next stage, have you thought about how Dreamity will validate the experiences advertised to ensure they are genuine? 
Could the database be accessed by the 'Dream Seeker' independently through the platform at home, for those who may not be certain on what they are looking for?

Have you thought of other credit methods to manage fees if advertising doesn't completely cover the costs for the more expensive dreams? Also this idea might be of use to you in regards to this 

What about adding other ways to accumulate revenue to support their dreams such as  gamification, branding, gambling e.g. lotteries that may be of use, found here:

Hope this helps!

Photo of Betul Salman

hi kyren, thank you for your feedback. as a group we were thinking that there could be a small listing fee i think that could be a great way to validate the poster. other ways could be where the agents would call up the people that put up the listing. thank you for mentioning it, we will  clarify it in the description.
the person who is looking for the dream would be able to see the database from home.

thank you for the gamification idea and research suggestions, would defiantly discuss this in our team.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Betul! Thank you for sharing your idea. I really like it! The graphics are amazing and it is clear how the online platform would work for users. Would the people offering the experience get free advertising in some way? What is the role of the credit unions in your idea? Is for raising awareness among its members and giving the means for members to enrol? Would there be an option for people to have their ‘dream taster’ then save up for their full dream e.g. move to the seaside using an online savings account? I just want to highlight some posts in the research phase that may help you take you idea to the next stage. One about clubs for retired people (or 50+) in the UK - One about fulfilling experiences for the 50+ - One is an example of a sharing app - There are a few ideas that have been posted that have some similarities with your teams’s idea and there might be some shared learning experiences there: by Rabbia by Jesus