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Update 12/26:Dream points: Use your credit card to achive your dreams

People over 50 wants to accomplish his dreams, they love be rewarded and have discounts, with the dream points in credit card can achieve it

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Who is your idea designed for and how does it support the dreams and obligations of those 50 and older?

The dream points system base on the idea older people want to accomplish his goals and for that used his credit card, with the dream points credit card they can gain points to exchange for discounts, prizes and rewards but they can only use to reach his dreams on the wish list they provide with the credit card contract. this credit card is just for people over 50 and also each year they gain the total of his ages in points.

It is a special credit card who incentive older people to spend his money in accomplish his dreams and give to him the opportunty to fulfi it bring it discounts,special rates and gift to use this dreampoints in pursuit his dreams.

The older people have another priorities when they have 50+, they worked all his life, care his childs for years, pay bills and mortage, then when they retire wish have time and money to accomplish his dreams. With dream points can achieve they goals and also gain points if they use his credit cards in accomplish his dreams. 

This special credit card give it points just when older people use to achive their goals, then they need to create a wish list  attach with they credit card contract. 

People gain points achive their goals but also they only can exchance their points in their dreams whatever they will but specified in the wish list.


  • Create a wish list and attach with the credit card contract
  • The wish list needs to be created by categories like traveling, hobbies, Special families events, grandchildren issues, sports, etc. Inside these categories people can select some items that allow to him gain points spend in them. This wish list must be updated every year via app or visiting a credit union branch.
  • The dream points credit card can use everytime but the credit card only gain points if is used in achieve the dreams on the wish list

  • The points only can exchange in accomplish other dream in the wish list
  • People need taking a photo for the receipt proving the purchase was for an item in the wish list and upload via dream points credit card app.
  • Every year the credit card holder wins the amount of points equivalent for your age if the card holders have 50+.
  • People under 50 can have it and start collecting points for achieving his dreams but they can only exchange that’s points after they have 50 years old.

Dream points credit card app:

A simple free app that allows scan the receipts and send to the credit card bank holder also show how many points have, history for purchase and alarms with the payments days, also the credit card contract . People create account and profile and attach his wish list in the app.

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

I will create a workshop with older people using a gamestorming technique base on $100 test, in this case I give it to them a $2000 dreams point credit card and they must create a wish list, later they need to assigning quantity for each dreams and expend their money on them, next I tell them have a extra points to expend and they must create a list again in wich things they want to exchange that credit card points. In this way we compare the wish list and the list to exchange points.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Any feedback regarding how guarantee people use this credit card to accomplish his dreams and how manage the quantity of points for each purchase sector related? amount? priority in the wish list?

Tell us about your work experience:

I am an entrepreneur and university professor, I have a business consulting firm focus on innovation and business model, also we use a Design Thinking as a core method

Please check all that apply:

  • I'm not currently involved in a credit union, but am curious to learn more!

This idea emerged from

  • An Individual

How would you describe this idea while in an elevator with someone?

Every person deserve to achieve they dreams and pursue they goals with the dream points credit card people can reach their goals and be rewarded for it every time you spend your money buying with your dream points credit card on achieving your dreams you will gain points on your credit card to use in pursuit another dream,also every year you win the amount of points equivalent for your age.

How might your idea be transferable to a large number of people?

The credit cards are one of the most use financial service,we need to set up an online and offline campaign to people know this new credit card service. Offline the main idea are in every branch of credit union putting flyers and brochures about the dream points credit card and online creating a campaign base on videos of the dreams people can achieve and how the dreams points credit card can help it to achieve it, also use a landing page to people preregister to acquire the credit card.

How do you plan to measure the impact of your idea?

1. Amount of people acquire a dream points credit card 2. Number of people respond and interacting to social media campaign 3. Amount of people purchase with the dream points credit card 4. Amount of points people gain and exchange using the dream points credit card

What are your immediate next steps after the challenge?

Review the feedback and technical request for the idea Processing the experiments and workshops information Figure out the possibility to adding new features to the idea maybe creating different kinds of dreams points credit card depends of the age


Join the conversation:

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Jesus!

You have made a lot of progress.

I am wondering if there is a way for you to get feedback on your idea from local credit unions or a local association? I noticed that there is the Federación de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Credito de Costa Rica R.L.

What feedback have you received from this age group? What sort of early stage prototyping could you do? Which stage in the user journey would be the most challenge, difficult to implement or would pose the most problems?

There is an idea submitted in a previous challenge that might be worth looking at for inspiration and ideas:

Community Coin: Distributed Value-Creation and Service Economy, with Reputation as Currency (Updated 6/03) -

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi kate,
Thanks for your feedback and questions.

I will try to talk with this asocciation soon as possible.

I made a little interviews with this group ages mostly these people said it is a useful way to spend their money in things they like also for them are an easy service to understand because they know how a credit card works and there are familiarized with points in credit cards and airlines points and they said is pretty similar.
For me and based on the quickly interviews the most difficult part is the way they upload the bills to the platform because not all the people over 50 have a good technological skills, for that reason this app must be easy and simple, just take a photo for the bills and upload in their personal account like people upload photos in facebook.

For the prototyping the idea I think in two main phases:

1. Measuring how people are interest in acquire the Dreampoints credit card, for this I create a series of workshops and focus group and I present the idea with videos, flyers and brochures lastly I give to all the assistants a sheet to pre-order the credit card.

2. A workshop based on the $100 test, the people in the workshop needs to create a wish list and give it to me, later I give to the assistants a credit card with $100 they will spend in a list of different things once, later I reward to people spend the money in his dreams and give it the opportunity to spend this points, next a evaluated if the people spend this points in achieve their goals.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Great! If you have any questions at all, please do reach out to us. Have a nice weekend!

Photo of OpenIDEO

Welcome to the Refinement phase Jesus! We've added new Refinement questions to your original submission that we'd love for you to answer. Please check out the Refinement Phase Toolkit for instructions on how to answer the new questions and other recommendations we encourage all idea teams to consider in the upcoming weeks.

Refinement Phase Toolkit:

Lastly, here's a useful tip: When you update the content of your post, it'd be helpful to indicate this in your idea title by adding an extension. For example, you can add the extension " - Update: Experience Maps 12/21" to you idea title. This will be a good way to keep people informed about how your idea is progressing!

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Jesus!

I look forward to seeing how this idea develops in the refinement phase.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Jesus.  This is an interesting idea.  I like how it cycles forward.  That feels optimistic to me.
  I am wondering if ithis might be a Dream Debit Card issued by the Credit Union.  My thinking on this is that not all folk in this demographic may be eligible for more credit.  (Also credit ratings can be effected  - not sure exactly how this works..)  In addition with a debit card there is no risk of interest charges or late fees.   (I guess overdraft fees might apply.  Maybe it can be set up so that  this is not permitted?)

How to monitor whether the card is used for dreams?  Can there be a function where a receipt must be presented, maybe take a photo  which can integrate via an app?  I guess there might need to be guidlines as to what happens  if the card  is used inappropriately.

I can see the list including things that might be for family such as seeing a child graduate from college.  In that case there might be several types of expenses involved that one might contribute to.. Would that be an option with this idea?

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi Bettina,

Thanks for your feedback. In this case I select credit card because is the most use payment method, in a lot of ecommerce and Hotels you must used a credit card, but I think you are right this idea could be usefull with debit card because more people can have it and it is more easy to handle obviously no fee charge for the payments because is your money not a borrow to the bank holder account.

In the way we can monitor the card used I think the best way is like you say integrate via an app where you take a photo for your receipt, the guidelines are neccesary in both sides first in the way you can use and exchange points and what happen if you used for another thing than achieve your goal, but most of all you dont gain points if dont use for things outside your wish list.

For the last question I think would neccesary put the dreams in the wish list into categories, for your example the child graduate could be a category in this categorie we have a list of items you select like a part of your dreams and these items will be the items give you a points.

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

I was thinking about your idea and wondering if in addition to rewarding for using the card towards dreams, if users might be rewarded for bringing family members into the circle of financial responsibility- by encouraging them to open a savings account at the credit union?  Could the 50+ year old be rewarded with monthly points if for example their 30 year old child opens an account and deposits something into it monthly?  Could teaching financial responsibility to family be rewarded in this program?  (It is a different idea.  Not sure if it is too different, or could add something here?)

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi Bettina,
I think is good implement something social with the family members, in this case maybe could work if the dream points credit card holder encourage family member to adquire a dream points credit card the can win some extra points also if the family use to achieve common goals they win points to. I figure out the dream points card can have differente kinds of credit/debit card with different ages, amounts and people involve, pretty similar than the credit card types like platinum, gold, black something similar than that.

Photo of Tom Downey

Very good Idea. However, unfortunately your idea only allows an individual to start collecting points from the age of 50. This potentially limits them greatly. Perhaps you should lower the collecting age but only allow rewards to start once the card holder has reached the age of 50 thus giving more incentive  to use the card.

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your feedback, you are right this could be really good maybe the dream points credit card could have it differents kinds like the normal credit card have platinum, gold, black this credit card can have something similar allowing depends of the credit card type beginning at different age periods.

Photo of Rabbia

Love this post and idea! This could be a great way to motivate elders to fulfill their dreams.

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi Rabbia, 

Thanks for your comment, all people have concerns and obligations but is important focus efforts into fulfill their dreams and I think this could be a good option to do it.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Jesus!

I am really pleased to see you and your idea in the ideas phase. 

When I read your post, I thought of this idea in the ideas phase -

It mentions that "Despite banking with the same bank for 20 plus years, he receives no perks for this."

Could this idea be a way of rewarding people for customer loyalty?

Would they gain points every time they spend or for good financial behavior?

Photo of Jesus Vargas

Hi Kate,

First, thanks for the links they are great post and gave me a lot of insights.

The main idea for the dream points are people gain points every time they spend in accomplish his dreams whatever they be, but sounds interesting if they can receive perks for his financial health record too.

I think the #dreampoints credit card could be a way to credit union increase his customer loyalty, because the credit card reward directly the customer actions and purchase and give it to people the possibility to exchange the points in another purchase in his wish list, them also not is only putting the service out also is a marketing strategy, people feel they win with every purchase and this psicologycal factor is so valuable for customer loyalty.
Also every year the dream points credit card give it the quantity of points for his age.