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Using visual storytelling to make financial concepts real

Olivia Locher's 'I fought the law' series pokes fun at absurd laws. What lessons can we learn to make dull financial concepts engaging?

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Olivia Locher is one seriously talented photographer.  In her series  I Fought The Law, she pokes fun at some of the absurd laws currently on the books of various US states.  Most of these laws are outdated and bizarrely specific.  

What I love about this series, is Olivia's ability to engage her audience around some pretty obtuse legal concepts.  Her images are witty, cheeky, surprising and absurd.  They also cut through in a space that is normally really dry and dull.  They really ask you to take note of their underlying subject matter.

How might we use visual storytelling to help people really engage with financial concepts, risks and obligations? 
How might we use visual storytelling to help make consequences of financial missteps really real?

* All images are from Oliva Locher's website - available at


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Yes! What Shane and Anne-Laure said.

Storytelling - visual, in the form of street plays etc. seems to be an emerging theme in the research phase.

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