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Use of tourism to promote empowerment projects in a economic way.

How tourism can bring economic benefit to epowerment projects.

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There are many good empowerment projects,but how can we make them more financial viable? Promote them via tourism is a great way to show the project and bring economic value.

 The city of Curitiba- Brazil has a great project called Vitrine Curitiba. This project teaches local communities how to do handcraft items as a way to make homemade product that can be sold to improve families income. The project has a small shop where the products are sold, but as it as a government project with low budget it doen´t have great marketing and had hard time competing with other souvenir shops that sold industrialized items for a lower price.

Curitiba Free Walking is a non-profitable tourism project to show the city centre of Curitiba in a health sustainable way to tourists. One of the stops in the itinerary is at the Vitrine Curitiba shop. The tourists get to know more about the project as the local guides explain the project, the imporance of empowerment and financial development of local community and explain the important role the tourists has when purchasing a local handcraft from the project.

The increase of sales for tourists helped not only to make the project more financial viable but also teaching the tourists their role one helping economic development in the communities they are visiting.

Link with info from Vitrine Curitiba:

Link of Curitiba Free Walking:

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Hi Heloisa! The first post about empowerment throghout tourism!
As I'm studying tourism and travel experiences - it's really interesting for me! - I could notice how mindful and responsible tourism can be empowering for communities as it involves work on employment, local culture, sustainability and broaden horizons with cultural exchanges with tourists. It brings the question: how tourism can contribute to empower communities surrounded by cultural and historical heritages?
In any case, feel free to contact me (sou de Santa Catarina). My e-mail: