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Tolerance Classes Aimed at Violence Prevention

Violence has to be prevented early on, that’s why I think teaching tolerant behavior in classes of children aged 8 to 17 is crucial.

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We have to make non-violent society a norm from the very start. This is why establishing classes of tolerance have to be a common practice everywhere, especially in the countries with higher violence rates.

Children have to adopt the right patterns of behavior from their families, but if family members are involved in inadequate interactions themselves, a child is likely to grow up thinking that living in danger of physical or moral assault is a part of women’s lives.

I believe this has to be prevented as early as possible. Tolerance classes have to include the following:

  • Discussion of tough topics: are there situations where use of physical force is acceptable? Are girls equal to boys in their rights? Why is it crucial to support each other? What are the basic rules of safety in the streets, etc.

  • Documentaries on female rights

  • Motivational posters about non-violent coexistence

Due to specific traditions in some societies, girls and women tend to be treated as ‘weaker sex’, which results in their low participation in social life, considerable pay gap and inadequate self-esteem among young girls. This is why I believe some classes have to be devoted to the equality issue and maybe even conducted separately for boys and girls.

This program has to be spread not only in larger cities, but in rural areas, as well.

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Stacy Green is enthusiastic blogger, working on regular terms at the educational term papers writing sites and participating in the educational project. She is interested in psychology and eagerly shares her ideas with readers.

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