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Methodkit: inspiring concept for game development

Methodkit idea is a practical way to easily get an overview of which issues and questions you need to discuss in your financial situation

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Inspiredby Method Kit Sustainable Development, designed by The Good Tribe, as the result of a cooperation between MethodKit and The GoodTribe.

 It works like a game that can easily get an overview of which issues and questions it's necessary to discuss about the financial situation.  The Method Kit Sustainable Development is suitable for rookies aswell as sustainability experts. To play it, the user decides how deep he/she wants to dig into eachaspect. So, why not think on anything similar for financial literacy?

Method Kit for Sustainable Development contains 55illustrated cards, each card represents an aspect, key issue or method thatwill help the user define and give structure to his/her sustainability work. 

The cards become catalysts for strategic conversations and decisions, they make possible to give an overview and inspire to learn and do more for a happy planet. Using the cards is an easy and fun way to approach in-depth discussions and much needed sustainable development action.MethodKit for Sustainable Development can be used for analysing the current situation and materiality, for writing a sustainability strategy according to e.g. ISO, GRI or our own requirements, and for developing new innovative concepts, campaigns, products and services. 

How to play with Method Kit?

Put them on a wall or table and define and structure your thoughts with post-its around the cards.Work together or alone. The cards act as the building-blocks in creating well functioning projects. Something that creates visual overview of your projects and to see what needs to be prioritized and what is missing. Method Kit is a tool and can with ease be combined with how you already work. There are no rules or right amount of players for the Method Kit decks. Think grouping,stacking, prioritizing, discussing, planning and working around them. They are used for idea development, coaching sessions, client meetings, in workshops andto facilitate meetings. More details on

Then, imagine a similar kit to approach discussions and actions towards financial literacy!

Taking the Methodkit principles, what aspects could we consider for financial empowerment?

How could we inspire persons to develop financial literacy through playful, dynamic and visual ways?


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Photo of cole Lanning

I think this is a very interesting project. As far as the consumer of this idea goes are you targeting a large business or maybe a low income family trying to launch a micro business. I wonder if they would need different Card stacks or something.

Photo of André Fernandes

Hi Cole, there's nothing defined yet! As Methodkit games are flexible to be used in dozens of ways - from a cards game to a visual tool on the wall - I have in mind to keep this principle for a financial literacy game, considering the flexibility to be used by children, teenagers and adults, NGOs, companies. How to target low income families is a good question, which I didn't think before.

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