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Let's Step into Pravesh's Shoes!

Let's put ourselves in the place of Pravesh who lives in a village in India and use empathy to design some solutions.

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Read the Pravesh's story by looking through photo 1 to 18. Credits go to Be! Fund India.

Pravesh is an ambitious 19 year old teenager who wants to solve the crime problem in his community. At the same time, he wants to stay in his village look after his family by earning income and create opportunities  for his friends as well. He knows how to make candles and want to start the candle making business. However, banks and micro-credit organizations that he knows of would not give him financial support he needs. The reason is that he is so young, has no track record and no collateral, and he come from a place where there are a lot of crime.

Let's use empathy to design some solutions to empower ambitious young people who do not have access to financial support they really need. In my opinion, helping these young people with dreams are crucial because they will become role models to  many other young people in various communities across countries.

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I see two solutions.

1st one is a certificate program where Pravesh will participate a range of activities for 2-4 weeks such as the interview to check his genuine interest and need, develop his business plan better with support and mentoring, network with other role models who were just like Pravesh but become successful micro-entrepreneurs. Documentation of the whole process for a better story telling and a certificate at the end to help him secure financial support from existing banks and micro-credit or crowd funding. 

2nd one is just providing him information to link him to organizations that specially reach out to young people like Pravesh since he might not be aware of these organizations.

It's your turn now. What would you do to help Pravesh? Feel free to comment your thoughts or ideas.


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This is a very Good point " helping these young people with dreams are crucial because they will become role models to many other young people in various communities across countries" .
Helping them succeed will make commentary stronger and will inspire others !

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