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Get Even: A Steady Paycheck, No Matter Life's Circumstances

Even gives you a consistent paycheck every week, no matter how many hours you worked. Even does this by setting aside a little bit of money.

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If you work an hourly job and never know how many hours you're going to get, Even makes that stress disappear.

Even turns your hourly wage into a steady salary.

If you want to feel like you have a safety net for the first time in your life, Even is the answer.

Let's say you get sick and miss work for a few days. No problem. Your interest-free Even credit is there to keep your paycheck steady.

If you find budgeting difficult but want to save money – maybe for a laptop or a hard-earned vacation – Even takes care of it for you.

Even automatically manages your budget and intelligently sets aside however much you can afford. You can keep track of your savings in the app and watch your goals become reality. And if you ever need that money in a pinch, it's just a few taps away.

If you have bad credit because of a few honest mistakes, Even is for you.

We know people make mistakes. That's why Even is a different kind of credit. Even provides you the interest-free credit you need to live life while managing itself automatically, so there's no way to make a mistake.

If you feel like one emergency expense could collapse everything you've worked for, Even has your back.

With Even, one bad day doesn't have to turn into a bad year. When you're with Even, you can get access to your next weekly paycheck with no hassle and no additional cost.

If you've ever used a payday loan or pawn shop to get out of a jam, Even is definitely for you.

With Even, having the predictability and stability of a steady paycheck simplifies your life to the point where you're much less likely to need a cash infusion from something like a payday loan. But bad days happen, which is why Even Emergency Assistance can give you the cash you need immediately and at no additional cost.

What if I have a problem, like not being able to afford Even this week? Is there someone I can talk to?

When you sign up for Even, you're matched with your own personal Evener. Your Evener is a real person — the same person, as long as they're at work — who will always have your back. You can message with your Evener 24/7 via the app. And if your Evener isn't at work, you can choose to talk to someone else right away or wait till your Evener is back.

To Learn more, visit Even.


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Another innovative budgeting app. However, I wonder what the margin of error is when predicting income on a weekly basis. What if there is a bad week for a lot of users, worse than predicted, and the company is forced to give an amount of credit that exceeds their lending capacity? I guess they might have some kind of default insurance...

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