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Gaming and Finance

Setting up finance-related games and camps for children at schools.

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It's all about gaming...

Growing up I couldn't get enough of playing Monopoly. It was my first taste to learn about investments and negotiations. It was also the easiest way to learn (and fail a few times) because no real money was involved. It taught me about diversifying my portfolio since it is never smart to blindly buy properties on just any color group. I also learnt that it took more than a lucky dice roll to become a winner. In short, it taught me a little about the realities of life. 

As I entered high school, I was challenged with a project where we were given a limited set of resources and some capital (fake money) to start our own business with a team. We had to negotiate with local vendors and businesses to kick off our business, provide incentives to our customers and think of ways to maximize our capital (while minimizing our spendings). We had to think about making profits, borrowing money from banks, paying interest and all other fun stuff. It was a good simulation of what it takes to run a small business. 

If we can extrapolate ideas from such board games and financial camps/simulations, we can instill both the knowledge of entrepreneurship and finance to students. It could be a week long or even a semester long activity. You can make it more challenging by competing against other schools or teams. Investment in such projects is minimal but the payout is huge! 


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Hey Napur, this is some awesome stuff here! I love the synthesis you did from the articles and videos that other people shared, and it's very clear you've thought about this a lot. I think this would be an awesome idea to see you post in the Ideas phase (which is happening now!) and would strongly encourage you to share this. I'm also confident you could build a great team and get continued support, just based on the conversation and ideas that went on during the Research phase. I hope to see you there!

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Hi Maddie! Thank you so much for the feedback and support and sorry about the very delayed response back. Unfortunately missed out on the Ideas phase but I see ideas along these lines have made it through this phase. I'll be sure to contribute my bit to the refinement phase!

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Hey Napur - Great to hear from you! You should totally get involved in the Refinement phase! I've seen so many ideas that are really similar to this. You should check out "Mock Stock" ( which is working to create an education event that replicates the stock markets, as a way to teach finances and trading stocks. It totally incorporates gaming and students, so I bet you'd have some great insight.

You should also check out The SIMS ( It is using gaming to teach financial literacy, and it seems like this might be right up your alley.

Hope to see you there!

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Thank you for the links! Will def look into them - great ideas :)

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