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Building your network!

If you have problems with finance literacy, people you know are not always the best people to make better decisions.

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Such different objectives like building your network or creating an app menu, can't be solved with just imitating ideas or with datasets making later products too complicated. I have randomly selected several weeks form my banking account, to analyse which objects I buy from different other shops, outside a radius of 120 km, indicating potentials more people from my network could need, but are too far away. Ecommerce has grown to one of the largest position, also within my banking account. Ecommerce has also led to the fact, that I buy mostly food products and the most urgent products within my reach, making purchases . This could be one of the aspect, in need for further engagement, using insights from orders to build up networks or even apps, highlighting the most important datas with additional informations. Another important aspect are building up situations, attractive to experience, able to manage and with the right balance. I have taken these datasets and calculated trends and descriptive parameters. Building up networks can be then done, with calculating parameters, indicating the potential trends in the major categories found in almost all accounts, like food products, charges and electronics, just too name a few. Scarce resources are another very important fact to engage with other people form your community. The most important fact however, is too find people who have the ability to build up such networks and able to make decision engaging the right people within the community positive and not just a few, influencing community dynamics perhaps too negative.


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