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Create a community lending program

Micro-lending program where you can lend to your neighbors.

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Borrowers and lenders can both benefit from the micro-lending program. 

1. Lenders can support the local economy by circulating your money instead of letting it sit in your savings / checking account. 

2. Lenders would earn a higher (but fair )interest rate then they would get from the bank.

3. Borrowers can avoid payday loans or predatory lending schemes with unreasonably high interest rates.

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Photo of SelfiemoneyTransfer Services

mansi  my project as micro economic services for the 2.5 under bank and working poor. We can work together. Take a look.

selfieMoneyTransfer app

we have 2nd generation working prototype. And trademark.

Patent pending.

Along with a website and selfiemoneytransfer web, our website is currently

undergoing redevelopment.

With selfieMoneyTransfer app anyone can send money to anyone anywhere in

the World.

Why This Is Needed In The Marketplace

This company should exist because solves a problem for the 2.5 billion working poor, provide jobs , health care and other micro services for the under bank

With this app it enables people transfer money locally within a country as well as

internationally, using , cash, bitcoin, debit cards or credit cards.

This app also can be use to pay salaries , bill payment in remote communities,

enables people to become money transfer agent easily and these money transfer

agents are mobile. so selfiemoneytranfer creates financial inclusion and

economic gain by providing jobs ,the movement of commerce and economic growth.

This Selfiemoneytranfer also enables people to become money transfer agent a lot easily and
these money transfer agents are mobile so what this does it creates financial
inclusion and economic gain by providing jobs and the movement of commerce.
our technology ( our technology of security confirmation can apply to other
businesses)is very secure it's a selfie picture security where the agent get
yourself a client as well as the receiver there is a GPS tracking to track the agent
and also a chat communication agent will come to you the client or the receiver
anywhere you are.
what makes this company unique we are transforming , revolutionize the
business of money transfer, as well as bringing people into the financial inclusion
basically eliminating poverty.

What makes us also unique we have develop Selfiemoneytranfer app to fix these problems facing agents activation ( here are the problems in more details.

Now these factors affects clients also in the negative ways which are differs from buissness to buissness and business to clients

Nine Drivers to the Agent
Business Case.
1. Upfront capital
2. Liquidity management
3. Rigid staff and space costs
4. Security risks
5. System interruptions
6. Effect on agent’s other line of
7. Adequate revenue at start-up
8. Major costs related to growth
9. Fragmenting demand across too
many agents )so they can become more productive thus leads to economic development.

What also makes this company extra special we give 5% to charity.
our charities, epilepsy ,diabetes ,HIV , breast cancer and prostate cancer so
each each disease get 1% of each transaction or sale FOR LIFE even if we sell
this company