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Save $1000 in one year

Social Media connected game to save $1000 in real life in one year

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Who does this idea benefit, who are the main players and what's in it for them?

This idea benefits those who might have an extra dollar or two but don't usually think of saving it.

How is your idea specifically using the power of communities to improve financial opportunities and resources?

By creating a social media connected game, we are basically saying to all our friends "I wills ave $1000 in one year". This public declaration is very powerful since our friends will hold us accountable and help support us on our way.

What early, lightweight experiment can you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

This doesn't seem like it would be very hard to program. We can pretty easily prototype it.

What skills, input or guidance might you be seeking from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

Help me figure out the logistics. I also need help programming this game.

This idea emerged from:

  • An individual

Let's all take up a challenge. This challenge is to save $1000 in one year. Starting today. You need to post this on your facebook and twitter "I am taking the $1000 in one year challenge. Help hold me accountable and help me save $1000 this year). Then check in to various money saving things every time you do them: I walked instead of taking transportation, I rented a movie instead of going to the movies, I cooked my food instead of going out, I didn't get that $5 coffee that I was craving. Calculate the amount of money that you saved and transfer this to a new bank account. When that bank account reaches $1000 you win!

I think having a concrete goal in a realistic timline is very important. If you leave it up to everyone to make their own goal, then it's harder to track people and it also gives them a reason to not do it (I want to, but I can't figure out how much to put for my goal). 


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Very interesting idea, I wonder If we can make an Mobile application that show us our progress, also compare where we are in term of saving to our friends, maybe gave us milestones and notify us when we achieve them .

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