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Financial Education for Children

Let's teach our children how to be financially literate.

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Schools could incorporate classes where the curriculum is focused on how to operate a business, pay taxes, how to save for to retirement, etc. Since things like this are important in adult life, children should be introduced to these things at an early age. This way it won't be as challenging for kids to transition from the support of their parents to the independence of adulthood.  



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Yes! I feel like many young adults struggle with credit card debt and other financial issues because they never had to worry about money when they were younger. I can see financial education in several different ways: through allowing children to open their own bank accounts, through formal education inside the classroom and through experiential education in the classroom where students learn to handle money, invest in stocks or create a business.

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Is there any research out there on how parents can best educate their children about money? Could there be an opportunity to put together a set of best-practices (i.e. introduce your children to the concept of an "allowance" early on, make them work for it, maybe incorporate a "savings" interest rate if they "bank" with you, etc... )