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We are proposing Knowledge, Attitudes and practices (KAP) Survey on ebola prevention in Zambia. This shall give an input to the country existing sensitization programme on prevention of ebola in the country.

Foster chileshe memorial clinic proposes a KAP survey which will be carried out in some constituencies in Zambia. The aim of using this approach is to unveil the usefulness and value of KAP as regard to getting the right approach to any community based problem. Our ultimate goal of quantitative method of data collection is to quantify and measure a phenomenon through the use of questionnaires and statistical processing .Zambia's experience with epidemics shows that adequate preparations modelled around preventive measures are more effective. This was exemplified in the outbreak of cholera in Zambia. Our review in the outbreak of ebola in wast Africa has offered valid lessons There is need for well- designed preventive programs

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Some of the questionaires intend to use to carry out  the survey are:
1. Do you know the symptoms of ebola?
2. Do you think ebola is a deadly disease ?
3.. Do you participate in dead body washing?
4.If you have a contact with someone suffering ebola what do you do?
(seek medical assistance,seek traditional help, do nothing?)
5. Do you think the government is doing much in disseminating information in ebola prevention in zambia.?
6. Do you think you have been deprived of an important information concerning your health as a result of your disability?
Some of the questions raised can be hypotetically summarized as follows:(1)The government  ongoing sensitiztion awareness campaign is uneven.
(2) The government ongoing sensitiztion campaign on ebola is not rooted.
(3) Knowledge,attitude, and practices on ebola prevention amongst the disadvantaged and illiterates are poor


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Duncan thanks for sharing this great initiative that your team is planning to undertake in Zambia. These infield surveys will provide valuable feedback for how we can better deliver prevention information to communities in vulnerable areas. Has the Foster Chileshe clinic already launched this initiative? And what might be some additional support that the OpenIDEO community can provide to you and your team?

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The KAP survey hasn't been launched yet as we are doing some ground work. though we have had meeting with our ministry of health team that is working on ebola. And before the survey is launched,it has to be approved with our national ethics committee. we are yet to submit our proposal to the ethics committee for approval soon.
The additional support we would love OpenIDEO to render is basically on technical support and advise on how best we can carry on the survey. second we would also love to have financial support to carry on the survey. our proposal is already in place for your consideration.

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Duncan, I might be able to provide technical support for a survey. Let me know what kind of help you need.

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Thanks Emma for offering to help. Honestly our team will be appreciative. Technically we will be grateful to lay hands on some samples of questionnaires that relate to ebola so that we make a proper assessment on our own questionnaires .Most importantly is funding for this project. If you can help us secure funding for this project it be appreciative because our communities are looking forward for a well designed awareness programme

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What is your email address? I can send you a sample KAP survey.

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Hi Duncan, thanks for joining the conversation. Congratulations on being today's featured research contribution! We're excited to see the community build on this knowledge in their ideas.