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Very informative movie of what communities face

I'm a believer that to know how to assist, we need to know what's going on. This recent video from VICE is very informative. It shows what is going on at ground zero. It shows the fear, panic, chaos, misunderstanding, frustration. Every one of the solutions proposed here should be contextualized by watching this video or others simliar to it. Seeing what is really happening may make us rethink our solutions for the real world. Doing so also inspires a lot of ideas too...or makes us refine the ideas we have. For instance, the protective bubble bed idea that can double up as an isolation chamber for patients who unfortunately succumb to the disease. It can at least protect the public from further exposure.

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Any one of these solutions will benefit from us seeing what is actually going on at ground zero. Watching the reality will help inform our solutions. When we propose the solution without getting an understanding of the many social variables at play, our solutions may not work.

Watching this video gives us a real idea of the environment the solution must work in.


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Exactly what I have been thinking is missing in our brainstorm of solutions... not really being able to see the problem clearly from so far away.

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Thanks Carilyn, Come join us on our brainstorm page!