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Use technology to track Ebola survivor cases may be the key to identify better procedures and even give insights for Ebola drug research

I am convinced that we need to study the cases of Ebola patients that have recovered. Healthcare professionals don't have the time to do so due to the urgency to help others patients. But, we can create a mobile app so that Ebola survivors could share their experience themselves

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App developpers could partner with Ebola researchers to identify the key information needed and create a global database of symptoms, procedures and characteristics of Ebola survivors. The app should be a user-friendly interface to enable the use by as many people as possible. The key information should be required as a registering questionnaire. However, open communication should be enable between patients and researchers. Constructing a global database and applying data analysis will help identidy recovery patterns. These information could be used to a quicker identification of Ebola, define new measures to deal with patients and even detect virus flaws. The faster we learnt what worked to heal it, the better we can react to this virus.


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Do you think that survivors have risen antibodies against the virus?

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