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The most hazardous stage is taking off Hazamat suit!

The most hazardous stage is taking off Hazamat suit! If you are willing to do whatever it takes to steer clear of Ebola, a Hazmat suit could be an option. But you have to learn how to take it off properly. Because each item of the outfit, if contaminited, could pose a threat. Everything-gloves, goggles, the gown itself, and of course , the respirator- need to be taken care of. Dr. William Schaffner- a specialist on infectous diseases- says all the protection is no good if you don't know how to use it.

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I have submitted a design of PPE that allows you to take everything off all at one time, including the eye protection. One thing I have run into in the past is the mask and eye pro combination present a problem. That the hot air from exhalation blows up into the eye pro-which causes fogging. A face shield that is loose enough may not have that happen, but thats a possible source of contamination. But using goggles seems to prevent that-but makes it harder to pull off. I think a face shield thats built in that has a mask that diverts the air flow down or away from the eyes.

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