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Staff Cam Box: Video diaries of local practitioners for effective knowledge transfer

Provide a super easy solution for "video diary" recording. This enables the staff with the capability to harvest and transfer practical learnings/practices beyond the local staff.

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1 - Situation: 
The local medical staff is creating valuable insights and even practices, tools or workarounds
2 - Problem: 
The valuable knowledge is not harvested by anyone
3 - Reasons:
3 -1 The  priority of the staff is "doing the job"
3 - 2 The staff members probably have no time and have not prepared channels to exchange their learnings beyond the local staff.
4 - Solution:
Provide a super easy solution for "video diary" recording 
5 - Variants/Aspects:
5 - 1 Provide e.g. kind of a minimalist studio box (good sound + lighting conditions)
5 - 2 Record the "knowledge transfer meetings" of a local staff
5 - 3 Video record practices with explanatory audio track
(5 - 4 Videos can also be used for reviewing the practices by experts)
5 - 5 Minimalist solution: videos per smartphone + a youtube channel
6 - Outcome:
6 - 1 Result: “Practipedia” – A knowledge pool is growing
6 - 2 Accelerates the spreading of best practices + innovations
6 - 3 Positive side effect: Staff members can reflect and psychologically digest their (sometimes traumatic) experiences 

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Staff Cam Box sketch (Result: “Practipedia” – A knowledge pool is growing)


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