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Simplified Blood Testing to differentiate Ebola from other illnesses

Be able to know sooner whether someone has Ebola or some other disease -- at low cost and less blood drawn with new innovative company Theranos.

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Win-win scenario -- create blood tests that cost less and require less blood drawn for patients who have any number of diseases that present with similar symptoms to ebola and you can't tell which it is.

If Theranos can provide a way to efficiently test for these differences on the field, people with the flu, malaria, lassa fever, et cetera, don't have to be put in an Ebola treatment unit risking contagion for a disease that's worse than the one they have.

​Revolutionary way of getting your blood tested with just a pinprick...  no more tubes of blood.


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Carilyn, you should check out these two diagnosis kits that might be used in the field soon to quickly identify Ebloa infections: