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Robotic Nursing Assistant for Ebola Aidworkers

Hstar Technologies is leading the development of a new category of clinical systems, the Robotic Nursing Assistant (RoNA), to strengthen and transform the nurse’s leading role as protector and driver of quality patient lift. Hstar would like to assist Ebola Aidworkers by development of slim-down version of RoNA to assist in Ebola victim lifting and transferring without touching. RoNA envisions the following supports: - Approach the victim (alive or deceased) without exposing the operator to infection. - Lift the victim or corpse on to a transport vehicle. - Transport the victim/corpse to treatment area or burial site. - User Interface design for 'ease-of-use' remote operation.

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Hstar's mission is to create and deploy intelligent mobile robotic assistants that enhance healthcare, safety, and human productivity. Doing so will free clinical staff to devote more time to higher level, patient critical functions, while performing those lower level tasks reliably and more cost effectively.  Successful implementation will reduce patient mortality, shorten patient stays, and help drive down the cost of care while improving both patient and staff satisfaction. (see this youtube video -

Robotic nursing assistants (RoNA) will deliver core benefits associated with safe patient lifting:
·  Reduced incidence of clinician workplace injuries, and associated workman’s compensation claims and lost work time
·  Fewer patient falls and injuries due to improper / unsafe lifting
·  Improved clinician staff retention and satisfaction (Gallup Score)
·  Improved patient satisfaction (Press Ganey Score) and patient referrals

Hstar is also in the testing stage of a combat casualty extraction and first responder robot called the cRoNA (for combat RoNA) to address the need for safe and effective medical assistance for battlefield casualties.  With support from SBIR funding, cRoNA is a hardened version of RoNA capable of lifting casualties.  (see this youtube video -


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