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Quarantine and Cutting off Transportation Vessels to Limit Exposure

In order to better handle Ebola, it should be contained immediately. As information technology improves, systems should be implemented to quickly transmit this information. In that way, the efforts to prevent the spread of Ebola are more efficient rather than attempting to contain and treat it. However, if the disease has already spread, keeping the exposed region as small as possible will be a key factor. That way, countries could focus their resources on finding a cure rather than treating a continually growing population of infected patients.

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      The best way to keep Ebola from spreading any further is by doing thorough background checks for people who have been in affected regions. That way, people who have been infected or potential infected or using Ebola as a biological weapon can be identified more easily. This idea comes from a popular online game called “Pandemic: Extinction of Man.” This is a strategy game where the player acts as a biological virus and the objective is to wipe out earth’s population. During gameplay, once a country knows that the virus exists, that country will start researching in an attempt to develop a cure.  Thus, it is to the player’s benefit to manipulate the symptoms and force mutations to increase the virus’ drug resistance and delay research.
In a similar way to increasing drug resistance, people in the game who are infected with the virus have a possibility of masking their symptoms; thus, enabling them to gain access into a country. We can assume that these people are looking for a cure. However, they do not assess the risk that they are imposing on the citizens of that country. But this is common and expected behavior since it is human nature to do whatever it takes to survive. It could also be extrapolated that the people attempting to gain access to the country have a darker purpose, such as a biological weapon. In the last few decades, nuclear weapons have dominated the conversations in terms of the most destructive type of weapon. However, nowadays, as more and more countries have them and with treaties signed among them, some countries are exploring new—old— ways to stay ahead in such intelligence. Thus, biological weapons are becoming prevalent. This may very possibly be how outbreak of terminal diseases happen “all of the sudden.” Thus, regardless of the reason, the best way to deal with the situation is to keep potentially infected candidates in quarantine until further investigation has been done.
       Upon inspection, one of the quickest and most successful ways to reach the objective is by bringing that virus to airports and using humans as the carriers for the disease. In that way, countries are quickly infected with the virus, and eventually wipe out the entire population if a cure is not found before the next mutation occurs. Even though today air travel is a quick and common mode of transportation, there are many other forms of transportation that could potentially be used to reach a “targeted” country; such as by land via bus/trains or by sea via ships. Thus, focusing on airports alone is not enough. There need to be other safety mechanisms established to ensure infected or potentially infected candidates have no way of spreading the virus. Therefore, thorough background checks and quarantine may be good first steps until further information is discovered.



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