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Maple Seed Ration Delivery

Delivering food to remote areas by air has been plagued by harming people when the food comes to earth. Deliver food bars with a maple seed like wing. Attach to a small ration bar a wing like a maple seed. They can be dropped in large numbers and they will spread out so they are harder to monopolize and will come to the ground slowly without hurting anyone. The wing and packaging can be made of a degradable material. A two wing version is also possible. The Dandelion Solution: Perhaps there is an even simpler solution. Create a large fringe of the packaging material coming out from all sides and ends of the bar. By dividing the packaging material into thin strands one might create enough air resistance.

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This is an idea, not a summary of research. What inspires me is that in remote areas during an epidemic food supplies fail and the behaviors people engage in to get food can spread the disease. Even large food drops bring people together and may lead to armed hoarding of the food. Safe disperal of food can save many lives in an epidemic. 


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