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Instant notification of Ebola!

What if it was possible to have a way to detect the virus instantly, without having direct contact with possible infected person, then instantly have it uploaded to a main database allowing the world to see where the disease currently is.

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I am trying to come up with a possible solution that would limit the amount of direct contact with individual showing symptoms of the Ebola Virus. This solution would be user friendly and not require any education on how to use the device, except for images depicting the use of the device. The "OneTouch Penlet" I feel is the answer to detecting and constant tracking of the virus. 

How it works

An individual that feels he/she has contracted the Ebola Virus will find an emergency facility where they will find a OneTouch penlet. They will then look at the visual directions and follow them step by step showing them how to get a blood sample. Once the test is over it will alert them on whether they have the virus or not. If they have contracted the deadly virus the pen will send a signal via tracking device in the device to a satellite and uploaded to a real time website that tracks and displays the pattern of the virus.

Problems/ Concerns

- Costs of the "OneTouch Penlet"
- Availability 



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You should also look at the CDC's website describing what diagnostic tests can be done and when they can be done during the course of the illness, it does not seem like diagnosis is as easy as just testing someone's blood at any given time. Maybe I am wrong, though! See:

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