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How to leverage on the hybrid role of Ebola isolation camp day labourers?

Observation shows that day labourers hired at E camps run a specific risk to become carriers of the disease. Explanations are that they may be obliged to help community members with E symptoms (outside camps) as they are expected to know what to do . Or they may be induced to sell their services to E affected families, exploiting their camp affiliation. As a result, day labourers seem to have high infection rates and pose a risk to their communities. When searching a solution, we saw the role of labourers as opportunity. They are hybrids between the isolation camps and the communities: They have (limited) access to knowledge about how to treat & protect oneself from E, and they have special (pos/neg) attention in their communities.

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Now the idea to better leverage on this hybrid role in order to better protect both day labourers and their communities from the disease to further spread, is to work on increasing their status: Make them HEROES! Do this, by pursuing a twofold strategy:
Equip them with better knowledge on E so they are less prone to risk infecting themselves, and put them in a position to education their peers.
At the same time, promote their reputation within the communities by publishing their names in local media related to names of E-survivors.Through this, they might be in a stronger position to take less personal risks vis-à-vis E-infected community members, and their advice on what measures to take by affected families is more likely to be heard in their community.


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